Cooperation of Czech and foreign universities Added:17.8. 2010
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Cooperation of Czech and foreign universities

Students have the opportunity during his time in the Czech university to study or work abroad in schools and also to explore unknown regions, to learn a foreign language and meet new people. All this allows them to particular cross-border cooperation between universities and other educational institutions.

  • Czech almost every college or university builds relations (bilateral agreements, etc.) with schools abroad (the partner schools)
  • Except ** Intercollegiate (bilateral) agreements can ** two-or multilateral agreements to negotiate the individual faculty ** ** School
  • Particularly larger institutions cooperate with ** for more than a hundred foreign schools and universities around the world **
  • Establishment of international contacts and subsequent cooperation of the faculties are generally the responsibility of the International Division ** ** where you can also find all the information about cross-border cooperation, including school ** list of partner schools and educational institutions, and they offer fellowships
  • Under the bilateral agreements ** ** mostly true that the costs of travel and the sending university contributes to the cost of accommodation and subsistence paid by the host university
  • Stay outside ** ** interuniversity agreements (such as organized visits by foreign universities and research institutions, educational foundations, institutions, coupled to foreign embassies, non-profit governmental organizations, etc.) have already dealt with the candidates themselves
  • Useful source ** ** personal experiences of students from their study abroad provides on its website as "Univezita Charles':, but also other educational institutions

The content and scope of international cooperation

  • Basic mission of international cooperation between Czech universities and colleges, among other things:
  • Provide short-** ** (usually one to two semesters) ** ** exchange study visits ":…udijni-pobyt for outgoing students ** abroad **
  • Provide short-** ** (usually one to two semesters) ** ** exchange study visits ": for students arriving…udijni-pobyt ** the Czech Republic **
  • ** ** Information about exchanges, but also other possibilities to study abroad or language stays
  • ** ** Sent offers of foreign universities and other institutions
  • ** Providing support for students in degree programs **, which includes study abroad
  • ** Organization of short-term study visits and sightseeing ** (eg summer) for students
  • ** Support fellowships and internships Doctoral Students **
  • ** Organization of lectures, research and study ** (academic mobility) for science teachers and other employees
  • Outside the classroom co-operation of foreign schools also focused on science and ** Research **

Government scholarships === ===

  • International treaties providing scholarships abroad has concluded with certain countries ** and Czech Republic as a whole **:
  • These agreements fall within the scope of the Ministry of Education ** ** ** each package provides Academic Information Agency (AIA) ** „House of International Services Ministry“:…s/detail.asp?id = 156 "
  • These agreements are always set number of points, length of stay, requirements for candidates, etc.
  • Scholarships are filled either by a breakdown of the quota (each school has a number of scholarships, the selection of students carried school itself) or bankruptcy (scholarships are announced for all high schools in the CR, competitions organized by the AIA)

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