School Calendar Added:18.8. 2010
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School Calendar

At each school during the year we find several terms that relate to both candidates, but current students and sometimes even the general public. And what example are they?

During the year, the university held a series of events just for students. They can be napříkad:

=== Open Days

  • Is used mainly to study the candidates and graduates with their graduation present to be able to get oriented in the offer degree courses and programs of the school course of study on it and other options offered
  • Also have the opportunity to better know the school building and its facilities
  • Open Days are usually held in autumn and winter months at a time when candidates decide where to submit application
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=== Filing dates

  • „Application form“:…ka-ke-studiu the majority of schools served by the end of February
  • For some, especially artistically oriented, schools receive an application in autumn
  • If not for the field capacity is filled, or is accredited by the new branch, candidates may submit their applications later, and the second round of admission and subsequently launched by the admission of new fields are usually announced until the start of the new academic year
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Dates of entrance examinations === ===

  • The terms „admission“:…imaci-rizeni on the faculties differ
  • Admission tests may be „single“:…imaci-rizeni „double“:…icky-slovnik / password / two-receiver-management and multi-round, or may consist of several parts and can be decomposed into a few days (this applies particularly artistic faculties)
  • Some schools are candidates receiving the results of the National Comparative Test („NSZ“:…ik/heslo/nsz) of SCIO – these tests are held at several fixed times throughout the year (for more information including a list of test dates can be found on „“:
  • Applicants for study at Masaryk University (except the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Social Studies) consists Study Test („TSP“:…ik/heslo/tsp), which are reserved for three special terms in Brno and one in Bratislava (the applicant has the option to choose which of preferred terms) (more information including a list of test dates can be found on „“:
  • Many schools accept applicants without their entrance exams, when compiling a waiting list of students based on learning outcomes, especially from high school, supported by the success of knowledge Olympiads, competitions, etc.
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=== Open Days

  • The free days in the academic year (excluding days off announced by the state) are:
  • * * Christmas holidays: are usually the same length as in high school, that starts just before Christmas and ends shortly after the beginning of the calendar year
  • * Dean's and Rector's day off *: promulgated in particular, after or before a public holiday or for the purpose of the faculty and university events
  • * * Summer holidays: it takes as well as in high schools about two months, but can begin and end on other days than those in secondary schools
  • * Sports, cultural and educational events *: out of the above events organized by universities, individual faculty or students themselves (with the prior consent of the Dean or the Rector of the school) of his own actions, which are primarily intended for students themselves, but their function is to present its activity and the wider public (including potential candidates), or the visibility at the national or international level

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