The government said the new graduation so Added:19.8. 2010
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The government said the new graduation so

The government approved a proposal by the Minister of Education Joseph Dobeš, which advocated the reform of school-leaving exams in the academic year 2010/2011. The new form of GCSE will cover more than 105 thousand students last year of secondary education in the fields completed graduation.

Among the main reasons for the government, which led to the approval of the proposal Dobešová included, in particular, that the graduation exam, according to her one of the most important tools for monitoring and evaluating the quality of educational services but also means motivating schools and pupils themselves to achieve good study results. The bill also includes a requirement to strengthen cooperation with universities and to create conditions to enable them to new graduation test results as soon as an important criterion for admission to higher education institutions.

To ensure that pupils develop the successful completion of secondary education and continue to college, they must cope with both the state and school of graduation. State secondary school next year will include two mandatory tests, and the Czech language and the student's pre­ference, either in mathematics or foreign language. In 2011/2012, however, it will be three mandatory tests: the Czech language, foreign language and the choice of either a student of mathematics, science or social sciences. School of Baccalaureate will consist of two or three subjects.

The proposal of the Minister Dobeš also anticipates that the streamlining of the arrangements for school-leaving exams reduce the estimated cost of the new school-leaving exam at least 13% (in 2011 it should be about 62 million by the end of 2014, the 215 million dollars). These adjustments are reflected in the modified decree 177/2009 Coll., The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports issued by the end of September.

Students final year of high school still has a sharp start of the new graduation graduation rehearsal will be held for more than 90% of all secondary schools this October. Overhaul aims to test the preparedness of students to initiate reform and shows them what they can within the official school leaving examination and the common parts in late May and June 2011 and what to expect everything to be ready.

The verdict ended twelve years of government and the state graduation preparations, the first proposals for its implementation in our country because it appeared in 1997. The preparations were still about 340 million, by 2012, estimated costs climb up to an amount of about 720 million.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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