Erasmus Added:24.8. 2010
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Students are most frequently used Erasmus offers a convenient study abroad in Europe. Look at the specific conditions of the program, financial reinsurance and other details.

Erasmus':… & focuses on mobility and cooperation in higher education in Europe, promoting cooperation in higher education institutions through intensive programs, multilateral networks and projects.

Who can participate

  • University students and teachers
  • Trainers from enterprises and workers

What Erasmus === === offers students

  • „Study abroad“:…ranicni-staz on Higher Education Organisation (3–12 months)
  • Job placement in a foreign operation (3–12 months)
  • Intensive language courses for less widely used languages ​​of the EU before the stay or stays (up to 6 weeks), intensive programs – projects a short study program (such as „summer school“:…/letni-skoly -What-of-them-up)

Conditions Erasmus === === A student who goes to study or work placement abroad must satisfy the conditions:

  • Writing to an accredited bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree program at a university for study or writing at the College
  • Studying full-time, or distance learning
  • Writing at least the second year of study at the study period, any year of study at a work placement
  • Citizenship State participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) or permanent residence in the State involved in the LLP or refugee status

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=== Where to go

A list of states that are in the Lifelong Learning Programme in 2009/2010 involved:

The conditions of admission and financial support Erasmus

„A stay Erasmus:… & "Erasmus work placement“:… & „Erasmus Intensive Language Courses“:… &

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Frequent trips to the mobility of Erasmus students

Each student is entitled to only once throughout their studies at universities and colleges to:

  • Erasmus study period at a foreign institution
  • Erasmus work placement in a foreign company
  • Stay abroad under the Erasmus Mundus (link to scholarship)

The maximum duration for which the student can go abroad under the Erasmus program is 24 months

** NOTE **: If a student has already spent on the Erasmus study period, can still go for the internship and the Erasmus stay abroad under the Erasmus Mundus program.

Details regarding specific exit Erasmus International Division provides each university / college



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