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Special offers and programs

Are you attracted to study in Australia, America or Asia? Take the following degree programs at your home university and implement their dreams. We show you what programs you currently use.

Central Europe === === ** „Ceepus“: http://www.vysokeskoly.cz/…at-za-studii – Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies **

** ** What: Central European university exchange program, which focuses on regional cooperation within the network of universities

** Who **: Undergraduate students completed the second semester, graduate students and university teachers (age limit – 35 years)

** ** Where: University of Central Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Pristina, Kosovo)

Note: The scholarship can be obtained in networks of universities or individual (as so-called freemover)

„More information“: http://www.dzs.cz/index.php?… &

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V4 countries and others

** ** Scholarship Fund are

** What **: Studying Master's degree programs and postgraduate studies or research at any accredited public or private universities or accredited by the Academy of Sciences of the V4 countries

** Who **: student (subject to completion of at least four semesters of study at university)

** Where **: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine

Note: Intra-Visegrad scholarships – provide scholarships for candidates from the V4 countries who want to study or conduct research in some of the other V4 countries, out-going scholarship – provides scholarships to candidates from the V4 countries who want to study or conduct research in any of the above countries

=== USA

** ‚Fulbright Scholarship‘: http://www.vysokeskoly.cz/…e-poamericku **

** What **: Scholarships for Master's, doctoral, postgraduate studies or research

** Who **: Students, teachers, university professors, scientists, workers with experience in government, non-profit sector, etc.

** ** Where: USA

Note: Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, which for each program is held annually, usually in the fall or winter to stay in the following year. Preference is given to candidates who have long resided in the U.S..

„More information“: http://www.fulbright.cz/

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Worldwide === === ** „Intergovernmental Agreement“: http://www.vysokeskoly.cz/…dnim-dohodam **

** What **: scholarships offered by international treaties

** Who **: Students

** Where **: Not specified

Note: Those interested in taking up their own field of study seek contacts, they are interested

„More information“: http://www.dzs.cz/index.php?… &

** ** Erasmus Mundus

** What **: Studies Master's and Doctoral programs Erasmus Mundus fellowships in partnership Erasmus Mundus

** Who **: European Masters students

** Where **: Not restricted

„More information“: http://www.naep.cz/index.php?… &

** Similar articles VysokeSkoly.cz server: ** „Studies at universities abroad, step by step“: http://www.vysokeskoly.cz/…ok-za-krokem „The Western School will better prepare them for life“: http://www.vysokeskoly.cz/…avi-na-zivot "The Czech students are heading abroad ': http://www.vysokeskoly.cz/…do-zahranici

Austria === === ** ** Aktion

** ** What: A program to promote bilateral cooperation in education and science in the tertiary sector (CZ only to public universities)

** Who **: Students (at least in the third year of a bachelor's or master's degree), doctoral students, teachers, researchers Czech public universities, who are Czech or Slovak citizenship

** ** Where: Austria

Notes: Individual Category – scholarships for study and research stays in other country and participation in summer language and vocational schools, institutional category – support projects of cooperation between Czech and Austrian tertiary education institutions, individual scholarships, intended to prepare diploma or doctoral thesis, or to conduct of scientific research.

„More information“: http://www.dzs.cz/index.php?… &


** ** Scholarship DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)

** What **: Study abroad and student exchange

** Who **: University students, doctoral students, teachers

** ** Where: Germany

„More information“: www.daad.de

Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

** The financial mechanisms of the European Economic Area and Norwegian **

** What **: Study and work abroad

** Who **: Students, teachers, administrative staff

** ** Where: Educational institutions in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Nor­way

„More information“: http://www.naep.cz/index.php?…

For more information about studying, mobility, and scholarships, not only in Europe, visit the website of the "European Information Network for Youth: http://www.eurodesk.cz


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