Conditions of Study Abroad Added:24.8. 2010
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Conditions of Study Abroad

When you go on a study period abroad? What decision criteria when selecting students? What documents are required in advance to get one? Be in advance and ask for the formal requirements of degree programs.

Conditions of study abroad depends on the specific program of study or work placement abroad.

The most frequent requests === ===

  • Language skills (certificate of completion of a national or international exams, or completing interviews and tests at their own university)
  • Certificate of study results showing

Formal Affairs === ===

  • Writing to an accredited bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree program at a university, or entry to study at the College
  • Form of study (full-time, part-time, distance)
  • Year in which the student is (often required in higher grades)
  • Citizenship of the state involved in the study program, reside in the state participating in the LLP (LLP) or refugee status
  • Determination of the curriculum at a foreign school, including the number of credits – lease agreement – agreed to the sending and receiving institutions and students

=== Limitation Program

  • The age limit (minimum and maximum age for a scholarship)
  • Repeatability (maximum possible recovery program)

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Specifically programs === ===


  • Length of stay (3–12 months)
  • Only one study for a stay of more than 12 months and within one academic year
  • Set the minimum number of credits high school
  • The student must be a citizen of the State participating in the LLP, or have in the state involved in LLP permanent residence or refugee status

Erasmus Mundus:… &

  • Intended for students of Czech universities, which are involved in the Erasmus
  • Candidates can apply for a scholarship for a maximum of three selected programs
  • Erasmus Mundus supports the creation of joint master's and doctoral degree programs

„Ceepus“:… &

  • Age limit 35 years
  • Citizenship required member states CEEPUS
  • To be the proper completion of the second semester of study
  • Stay a minimum of three months and a maximum of ten months

„The financial mechanisms of the European Economic Area and Norwegian“:… &

  • Length of mobility varies from one week to six months
  • The students can use only once, but a student may participate in the program in high school and then again at the University of


  • Graduated from high school in the Czech composed after 1994
  • Proof of compliance with the language tests

„Action“:… &

  • Students can use the program only once
  • The condition is at least the third year of study at the time of application

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