Where to look for a job Added:24.8. 2010
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Where to look for a job

You have successfully finished the study and preparing to move into a new world of employment? Expand your horizons, orienting the menu and choose for themselves the most appropriate option. We bring you a list of places to help you find suitable employment.

Jobs === mediate

  • Employment Offices
  • Legal or natural persons, if they permit the form of recruitment (employment agencies)

Employment agencies and employment agencies work together to solve the situation on the labor market Legislation: Act No. 435/2004 Coll. „: Http://portal­.mpsv.cz/sz/o­becne/prav_pred­pisy/akt_zneni/z435_2004 on employment "The list of authorized employment agencies in the Republic“: http://portal.mpsv.cz/…ne/zpr_prace

Employment Office === ===

  • Performs job placement to job seekers and job seekers
  • Provides individuals and employers, consulting, information and other employment services
  • Is the purpose of employment records of job vacancies, job seekers register, register of applicants for employment, records of persons with disabilities, registration of foreigners and work permits to perform artistic, cultural, sports or advertising activities of children
  • Procures employment throughout the Czech Republic
  • Can provide employment in the Czech Republic abroad and from abroad to the Czech Republic
  • Facilitating employment offices are free

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Mediation === === job agencies

  • Facilitating employment in the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic from abroad, from abroad to the Czech Republic
  • Employment agencies may carry out the work free of charge or for consideration, including reimbursement, the with profit
  • In favor of agency and user are arranging employment for a fee prohibited by any deductions from wages or other remuneration provided to employees for their work

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Recruitment Agency === ===

  • Assisting the private work
  • Searches for businesses (employers) are suitable candidates for jobs
  • Companies employ candidates on the main or secondary employment as their own employees
  • Staff employed by the applicant agency only provides job applicants with employers

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=== The job agency

  • Employs job seekers so that it rents to companies where the employee performs the same or similar work as regular staff business
  • A worker is an employee of the Agency's work, which he pays wages of the worker and the work invoiced the company for which the employee performs work
  • Is used by workers, and administrative positions brigádnických

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