Employment Agencies Added:24.8. 2010
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Employment Agencies

You are about to use the services of employment agencies? Please read your rights and obligations, and provide a comfortable entry into the new job. We will work you to intermediaries in the Czech Republic and let you know the criteria which agencies differ from each other.

Recruitment employment agencies are regulated by „Law No. 435/2004 Coll.“: Http://portal­.mpsv.cz/sz/o­becne/prav_pred­pisy/akt_zneni/z435_2004 of employment.

=== Conditions

Work can provide the only employment agency that has a license for this activity the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA).

The Integrated Portal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to verify that the agency has a compulsory license under which the client is authorized to arrange employment abroad.

The list of authorized agencies in the CR can be found „here“: www.portal.mpsv.cz / sa / citizens / zpr_prace.

Finding a job in the CR is free

  • Employment agency, which operates in the Czech Republic, not from clients requiring any fee for finding the (mediation) work
  • The mediation of employment are prohibited any deductions from wages or other remuneration provided to employees for work done in favor of the Agency or by
  • Different rules may apply in other countries, but in most EU countries is to provide work for free
  • Payment, the Agency may require work for other services, such as associated with transport or with accommodation by the agency to its client to negotiate the first days or weeks in residence in the destination
  • If the agency collects from the customer registration fee, it is necessary to determine what specific services you provide

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Selection Agency (criteria) and subsequent discussions

  • Verification of employment history and length of the agency's activities in the Czech Republic
  • Number of branches abroad
  • Environment-arranged meetings (solidity employment agencies)
  • Information and promotional materials about the activities of agencies working
  • Detailed and transparent information about the prospective employer abroad or the background of the company, which is to be employed already in negotiating specific working conditions
  • Differentiation of employment agencies and employment agencies (see section ** ** Where to look for a job), to clarify whether the client closes the labor-law relationship with an agency or directly with their prospective foreign employer
  • Reading the contract and verify that the agency truly committed to the mediation of a particular job
  • Some agencies provide clients with accommodation, help with solving the initial administrative steps or opening a bank account

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=== Practical Approach

** Dealing with staffing agency **

  • Responding to a specific job offer to work server
  • Sending personal (structured) CV and cover letter
  • Informing the personnel agency of any restrictions and demands – starting date, salary etc..
  • Contacted by recruitment agencies and job offers
  • Interview the personnel agency
  • Sending materials candidate to potential employers
  • Reaction of employers and potential selection interview
  • Conclusion of an employment contract between the candidate and the candidate

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Orientation === === employment agencies ** Recruitment Agencies – differences: **

  • Types of services offered
  • Scope
  • Study and specialization
  • Type of available jobs

„Other information“: http://www.mpsv.cz/ppropo.php?…


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