Recognition of foreign education in the CR Added:24.8. 2010
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Recognition of foreign education in the CR

Going on a study period abroad? Find out how your studies will be recognized, and avoid the hassle on arrival at the home university. We bring you detailed information about recognition of foreign higher education qualifications and a public high school.

Who decides on the recognition of foreign education

  • ** ** Public High School, which has similar contents accredited degree program
  • ** ** Ministry of Defense – education acquired in the military (95, paragraph 9 of the Law on Higher Education)
  • ** ** Interior Ministry – in the field of education received by the security forces (95, paragraph 9 of the Law on Higher Education)
  • ** Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports ** – issues a certificate of recognition of education in the following cases:
  1. When was obtained in a country with which it signed an agreement on recognition of equivalence of diplomas or the recognition of education and the Ministry is mandated by the contract
  2. If there is doubt that public higher education institutions provide substantively similar study program and is therefore appropriate to decide on recognition

Recognition of foreign education in the Republic deal with laws, „§ 89 and § 90 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll.“: Http://aplika­­sokeskoly/legis­lativa/Zakon111_u­plne_zneni552­.htm

„Recognition of foreign qualifications and training“:…-kvalifikaci

** Similar articles server: ** „The recognition of foreign education“:…iho-vzdelani „The timetable for the planning of study abroad“:…-v-zahranici „Studies at universities abroad, step by step“:…ok-za-krokem „Cooperation of Czech and foreign universities“:…/nahled/4013

The diplomas === ===

  • They are valid diplomas issued abroad that are in force in the country where the instrument was issued for the public, and if they are accompanied by the prescribed verifications
  • Valid diplomas are issued by the State with which the CR has concluded a bilateral agreement – these awards are valid without further verification

Bilateral international agreements === === Mutual Recognition of Equivalence of formal education and evidence of the granting of academic degrees are conferred and concluded with Hungary ( No 92/2005), Poland ( No 104/2006), Slovakia (No. 33/2001, Slovenia (No. 52/2000 – considered to be valid for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and some successor states of the former USSR (123/1973 Coll.).

„List of international treaties the Ministry of Education“: A list of international treaties the Ministry of Education

Recognition of foreign higher education qualifications and a public high school by the Rector.

=== This recognition

  • Original or certified copy of diploma, certificate or similar document issued by a foreign university or other proof of completion of studies abroad (original or certified copy of the Supplement and additional information)
  • Validation of signatures and stamps on the original documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State has established a high school that issued the document, or by a foreign competent authority and the embassy of the Czech Republic, where an international treaty provides otherwise

What to do after arrival from abroad

Graduate programs of foreign universities submitted a written request for recognition of foreign education.

„Requirements for application and required attachments“:…p_130807.doc **

Decision on recognition of foreign studies

  • Publicly College or Department
  • The deadline for a decision on approval or rejection within 30 days (counting from the date of receipt of complete application for recognition of foreign studies)
  • In more complicated cases can be extended

** Credit **

  • Receiving a decision on the recognition of higher education
  • The decision also contains a certificate that confirms the equivalence of education (a degree program) obtained from a public school in the Czech Republic

** Rejection **

  • If there are substantial differences in the degree programs compared
  • If a diploma issued by a foreign institution that is not in the State in which it is located, recognized as the College
  • Note: If a public school or § 89, paragraph 2 of the Higher Education Ministry finds that the degree programs in comparison to their substantial differences, reject the request for recognition

How to reject an application

  • Appeals Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports within 15 days of receipt of the decision through a public high school, where the contested decision issued by a public high school (public school chancellor applicants meet either in its entirety, or refer the matter to the decision of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)
  • Appeal against the decision – when deciding on the recognition of the Ministry (hereinafter the Minister)



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