Options graduates in the labor market Added:24.8. 2010
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Options graduates in the labor market

You decide about your future career? Looking for work? Going on a job interview? We inform you about which professions are now sought after and well remunerated. In addition, you will learn what employers consider when selecting candidates for the essential competencies and which will be on the rise in the coming years.

The best position in the labor market advocate of university-educated job seekers. Number of graduates during the same time seven years (counting from 2002) grew two and a half.

** Graduates **

  • The biggest: Graduates of medical and health professionals, lawyers, teachers, graduates of technical fields
  • Smallest: agricultural graduates and science faculties, business education (lack of experience and a large number of graduates), gastronomy (lack of experience and motivation)

The decline in use was recorded in 2009: scientific, economic, technical fields

** Where is the shortage of workers reported **

  • Teachers (qualified foreign language teachers, computer technology, vocational training or vocational subjects)
  • Physicians
  • IT staff (programmers)
  • Nurses
  • Social workers

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** Reasons nepřijímání graduates **

  • Lack of experience and work experience
  • Unrealistic ideas about the amount of wages, working hours or working position
  • The need for the incorporation of graduates (less common)
  • Inability to adapt to the corporate philosophy (exceptionally)
  • Lack of vacancies

** What the employers require applicants **

Competencies that employers consider important

  • Interpersonal relationships and art to deal with people – communication in a multicultural society, assertiveness, interpersonal relationships in the workplace, emotional intelligence
  • Practical knowledge and skills practice – more tied to practice during the study
  • Ability to self-representation and presentation – the ability to present information, self-presentation and the ability to express their opinion
  • Communication skills
  • Autonomy – the ability to work independently and self-solving tasks
  • Loyalty to the employer – a company of compassion, leadership and its policies, identification with corporate goals
  • Ability to deal with stress – resistance to stress and workload, psychological resistance
  • Empathy

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** Competence, whose importance grows **

  • Knowledge of foreign languages
  • Using computer technology
  • Willingness to learn, adaptability, flexibility
  • Ability to make decisions and take responsibility
  • Dealing with information and teamwork

** Graduate and financial evaluation **

  • By 2008, employment of graduates improved
  • Year 2008 – the economic crisis has increased the number of unemployed graduates (starting salaries fell by an average of 10 to 15 percent)

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** How to earn more **

  • Improving qualifications – higher education, excellent knowledge of foreign languages ​​at school, practice, experience in specific sectors
  • Moving to Work – more of the best salary – Prague, Pilsen, South Moravia and Central Bohemia
  • Change of employer – especially an international company
  • Change of profession

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** Useful Links **

„The Czech Statistical Office“: www.czso.cz – overview of the number of university students and their field of education „Regional Information System on the graduates in the labor market“: http://www.risa-lbc.cz/dokumenty.do?… – comparing business and non-business sphere, the average earnings by educational attainment, average earnings in different occupations


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