Slovakia and Slovak in our fields of study Added:1.9. 2010
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Slovakia and Slovak in our fields of study

Despite – or perhaps because of – the Czech and Slovak, there is a relationship that could be called a family context sister, yet we find in our schools many branches, which would give the Slovak language with great care. Where is his study offer and how does it work?

A few words about the Slovak

Its origin is the západoslovanské Slovak languages, as well as Czech. Their relative similarity and mutual influence is based primarily on historical context, especially in times of Czechoslovakia, and therefore a common historical development of both nations. Since it is for the Czechs even today relatively easy to understand Slovak, Czech legislation provides that the language used in many cases, official or legal communications without its certified translation and interpreting. In addition, the language of our Eastern neighbors, we can even today, nearly twenty years after the breakup of Czechoslovakia, is still quite common to read or hear as well in our media. Indeed, taking the Slovak entrance examinations during the study and allows students coming from Slovakia and most of our universities. Perhaps for this naturally understood a close relationship and similarity in our schools we find many areas that would Slovak (Slovak and all) give special attention – as is the case with other foreign countries and their languages.

Slovakia and the Slovak our universities

Study focused on the Slovak can be found only here at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University, which is offered within the program of Philology. The Slovak history to focus some of the fields that can be found mainly on the philosophical and pedagogical faculties, in one case and the Faculty of Philosophy and Science. At least marginally, however, Slovak Republic and Slovak devote almost all disciplines, which include courses focusing on culture, literature, music, film, theater, architecture and other art forms, as well as on history, geography, political science, etc. For those, however, pay closer will not, because none of these areas is in relation to the Slovak allocated a specific field.

Slovak our universities

** ** MASARYK UNIVERSITY Faculty of Arts Study program: ** ** Philology Field of Study: ** Slovak Language and Literature ** – Bachelor (P, 3 years; one-and two-subject study), master studies (P, 3 years; one-and two-subject study), Master (M, 5 years; dvouooborové study) Web site: „ / phil“:…lds/7310R166?… (Bc), „ / phil ":…grammes/2591?… (NMgr.),“ / phil ": http://www.muni. cz/phil/study/fi­elds/7310T166? study_type = M & = P & study_form study_programme = 41 & field_group = 5 (Mgr.)

** ** The content of studies

This program is designed much like any other industry in the area of ​​philology. Its main purpose is primarily to equip their students with sufficient language skills not only in Slovak language, but of course then the knowledge of language as such. Students will learn among other things, distinguish between its current and historical form, it will be able to include in the context of other Slavic and Indo-European languages, and to confront each other. As the name field shows a part of teaching is the literary direction. He also pays the history of Slovak literature and its specific features and follows its chosen genres and types. All this is again seen in the Czech-Slovak or European or global context. The bachelor's degree followed by a two-year master's degree in the same name, where listeners have the opportunity to extend their previously acquired knowledge. Students, for example, deeply familiar with the other diachronic (ie, historical-comparative) study of language options, refer to the advanced level of syntax and stylistics, and literary studies of, among other things will gain thorough knowledge of literary methodology, as well as to learn more about the different ways Slavic literary creation and the position which it occupies just Slovak literature.

** Graduates **

The graduates of bachelor's and master's program in particular have become expert philologists slovakisté-wide professional slavistickým view. May apply as translators, editors, editors, publicists and representatives of other professions that require a thorough knowledge of the language.

  • ** ** Doctoral studies

The doctoral studies Slovak language can be given to the following schools and colleges:

** ** MASARYK UNIVERSITY Faculty of Arts Study program: ** ** Philology Field of Study: ** Palaeoslavonic and Slavic languages ​​** (P, K, 3 years) Web site: „“:…lds/7310V120?…

Slovak history at our universities

** University of Ostrava ** Faculty of Arts Study program: ** ** Historical Sciences Field of Study: ** Czech and Czechoslovak history ** – Bachelor (P, 3 years; single-subject study) Web site: „“:…

** ** The content of studies

The study is focused on both theoretical education in history, as well as the practical application of acquired knowledge and skills in professional practice. Students are encouraged to field manage complex historical problems of interpretation focused on the history of Czechoslovakia, and learn to separate the scientific and research activities with a dedicated methodology and specialized information sources. The study is also complemented by findings from related disciplines (philosophy, political science, sociology, etc.). The aim of the field is primarily to enable students to pursue degrees in higher education (master's or doctoral) with a historical focus.

** Graduates **

Graduates may act, inter alia, archives, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions, conservation, the media, but can be applied for example as popularizátoři history in the book industry (such as expert editors or editors), etc.

  • ** ** Doctoral studies

The doctoral studies are devoted to the history of Slovak schools and colleges following:

** University of Ostrava ** Faculty of Arts Study program: ** ** Historical Sciences Field of Study: ** Czech and Czechoslovak history ** (P, 3 years / K, 5 years) Web site: „“:…

** CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE ** College of education Study program: ** ** Historical Sciences Field of Study: ** Czech and Czechoslovak history ** (P, K, 4 years) Web site: „www.pedf.cuni­.cz“:…

** ** University of Hradec Kralove ** Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts ** Study program: ** ** Historical Sciences Field of Study: ** Czech and Czechoslovak history ** (P, K, 4 years) Web site: „“:…rske-studium

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