The Special Branch: African Studies Added:26.8. 2010
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The Special Branch: African Studies

Exotic African countries attracted many a heart, an adventurer. The variety of African nature, languages, tribes and historical interest and requires great perseverance. Similarly, it will be with us probably for entrance exams – offered university courses focusing on the African continent is truly scarce.

Contents === studies

As stated by schools, disciplines focusing on the African tries to partially fill the gap in the education market, which puts too much emphasis on Euro-Atlantic area. The Czech Republic is the opportunity to study African culture (or politics) a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight of the problems of Africa and the international status of its internal structure and development.

Courses === === Students of the course will meet with such compulsory subjects such as political history of Africa, Africa in international relations, conflict resolution and political anthropology, focusing also on the non-democratic regimes, the issue of elections and political parties and research methodology. Make sure to also choose French or Spanish language. The wide range of elective courses they can choose for example the Portuguese language, project management, strategy development, and many others. The condition of the study is that a student is able to read professional texts in English.

Where can I study

Those interested in African culture is probably in search of first encounter with the offer of the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. A five-year master's degree in Afrikanistika already but unfortunately not implemented, and its accreditation lasts only until 31 October 2010. New students for several years are not recruited. University of Hradec Kralove allows the Philosophical Faculty of Political Science under the special focus of follow-up study in a Master of Political Science – African Studies. This two-year field study can be used in and in combination. None Bachelor degree with a focus on African culture is not so in the Czech Republic currently available.

The condition of each study is curiosity!

=== Graduates

Will graduate in Hradec Kralove education as political science and social science complex related to Africa as a whole. Given that this is a very specific field in Europe, the graduate can apply in international organizations or companies working with the regions of Africa. This could include non-governmental organizations aimed at addressing the problems of the developing world, but also public sector institutions (eg ministries with a focus on the region) or the media suffer from a lack of experts on specific issues in specific areas.

=== Admission

Candidates who have already graduated in political science or political science at UHK, just pass an oral interview focused on interest in the field. Furthermore, there is an evaluation of their results during the current study. Other candidates will be recruited on the basis of oral interview focused on the prerequisites for the study and a written test, the commissioning political science knowledge on bachelor level. The applicant shall also defended their bachelor or master thesis.

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