Conditions of study for graduates Added:25.8. 2010
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Conditions of study for graduates

Employment or the birth of a child does not mean the end of studies. High school students meet currently based, can be initiated or combined distance learning. Look at the conditions of study for graduates, perfect in its field and ensure a better future.

Adult education === === Given the time-consuming job to recommend the following forms of study:

  • Combined study
  • Distance learning study

„Distance learning“:…ncni-studium

  • Possibility to study in bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs
  • Receiving a graduation diploma and degree
  • Self-study and electronic communication with consultants and trainers
  • Study based on e-learning

„Distance learning or study via computer“:…pres-pocitac

‚Combined Studies‘:…ne-studium-2

  • The combination of distance and classroom teaching
  • Classes take place in blocks, once a fortnight, and all day
  • Some courses offered by the organization in a three-day block of instruction once a month
  • Interpretation is condensed into one semester
  • Courses are completed test
  • Requires a significant portion of individual student work

„Part-time – what it is running“:…c-v-nem-bezi

You have reached the age of 26? See what changes you relate

„Information for applicants older than 26 years“:…tarsi-26-let

"Information and Advice Centre at labor offices (IPS):…radstrediska

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Study on maternity / parental leave

Pregnancy and childbirth does not mean the end of your studies. Colleges now offer various forms of study that allows you to manage multiple responsibilities, some even offer children's corners.

** Recommendations **: Studies in the home, agreeing „individual learning plan“:…tudijni-plan

You have reached the age of 26? See what changes you relate

„Information for applicants older than 26 years“:…tarsi-26-let

Are you thinking about how to combine study and family life? We will show you different options.

„Study of the parent: Five tips for how to handle“:…ho-zvladnout

„The compatibility of career and family roles“: # sprr

„Caring for Children“: # sprr

  • Care services for children under three years of age
  • Care services for preschool children
  • Care Services for School Age Children

„Children on the corners of the university“:…kych-skolach

** Useful Links ** „Act No. 48/1997 Coll. On the public health insurance, the Republic Public Administration Portal“:…l/_s.155/701?… „Act No. 592/1992 Coll. On premiums for general health insurance, the Public Administration Portal C:…l/_s.155/701?… 2F1992 & number2 = & name = & text = "Act No. 111/1998 Coll. On Higher Education, the Ministry of Education site“:…kych-skolach -text-to-have a built-novella



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