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Get practice on work placement! Added:8.9. 2010
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Get practice on work placement!

Are you a student or graduate and you do not want to wait until you find the job you happiness? Go meet him! Many experience that many employers will appreciate, you may be offered a work placement, whether it undergo in our country or abroad.

Most often has aboslventů despite – or rather just the – the existing hard and successfully managed the study compared to their older colleagues, seeking work in the same field, the disadvantage that they lack experience. Completion of work experience, a short stay in a particular labor organization or company, thus seems quite reasonable solution. Yet even this option requires some time and often a degree of self-sacrifice.

Work placement does not just practice

That work placement in the first place gives graduates and students coveted ** Practice ** is quite obvious. After all, for that really threw the whole actually undergoing. The work they do offer internships and gain new contacts ** and ** ** ** valuable experiences, working practices learning ** ** ** opportunity to apply their existing knowledge into practice ** and last but not least, the specter of a possible application * ** * ** Just in ** company or institution where the candidate works. Job placement is often held by each organization in particular, to literally „vychovali“ their future employees, not the exception, that after the internship (for school-leavers) or after graduation (applicable to students) přestupují stážisti in these firms to employment. A considerable advantage of some types of internships is the opportunity to develop this practice ** and ** my thesis (a topic usually enters the company for which the student on an internship). Regardless of whether a graduate trainee, or student, but also often taken into account age, which should not exceed ** 30 years **.

Watch === === great expectations Many trainees see this form of work life cycle, which they transmit a rich experience, the possibility of extra income and help in finding a better job. A surprise for many it can be a single job description. Because they are mostly unskilled students or graduates are initially packed with alepsoň into positions that require a great responsibility. Moreover, they are often closely monitored than other employees, which they may at first seem somewhat discriminatory. All the trainees could discourage some, take it the feeling that the work performed during the internship, not for them, or that is completely different than expected. It always depends only on the organization of work by the employer and the conditions that you agree with the worker. Short forms of communication between the carrier part and hit a student at the company, which already has in recruiting trainees some experience, it can be assumed that avoids the problems mentioned.

Internship through the school on their own

Job placement (sometimes it can also be found under the „student experience“, „trainee program“, „Traineeship“, „internship“) is a relatively broad. Restrictions may be ** ** offer courses in which they are implemented. Greater chance of finding just the „his“ job offer so you usually through school, you are currently studying, as it most likely will focus more on companies and institutions working in similar areas as she did. What is lacking is not done, even if they look out bids by private agencies or individual companies that do not directly interact with schools, even though work placements for students and graduates offer. Especially in such cases it is necessary to choose carefully in advance to find out about the selected agency, company or institution as much information as possible.

For students and graduates

Offer internships are also quite often limited to specific conditions that are imposed on individual candidates. Whereas in some place for the recruitment of students ** **, others may require applicants for their university degree ** **. Somewhere in turn accept trainees on the basis of documents previously required ** ** (eg diploma, proof of graduation or studied, previous experience or knowledge of language, or references, etc.), while others held the ** ** form of admissions or interview recruitment of the so-called assessment centers. As is seen, obtained a work placement is completely free and requires some effort. However, this in the future may well pay off.

Internships and work === === reward Future interns should definitely not take this job as a job for which they can expect dazzling financial rewards. An exceptional feature is not even that work carried out during the internship is not paid at all **. ** But a majority is replaced at least some benefits and bonuses ** ** – those are the most common scholarship ** ** (paid either by the sending institution, agency or intermediary – not always, however, these scholarships cover all costs associated with the stay) ** * Grants * (particularly the Union's placement), free ** accommodation, meals and transportation **, ** contribution to life insurance, etc. ** All trainees receive a ** then proof of completion of internship **.

[* Formular.jpg. (Fill application for residency certainly underestimate (photo: stock.xchng)>] * *** Completion of an application for the scholarship certainly underestimate (photo: stock.xchng) *

Form of employment === === The employment contract is usually concluded form of work-term contracts for work, contractors' employees and unpaid internships often quite specific form of contract.

Internships === === Given the breadth of the internship offers a variety hour in length and scope. Some internships last for even a few weeks, others may be tied to two years. Most trainees, however, work a few months.

Job placement === === The largest offer internships in particular there is the technical, economic, or medical fields. Among the humanities leads marketing, human resources and translation.

Just like === === If you are interested in an internship, you should do the same, like you apply for any job. A business where you want to find your temporary shelter, and must reach out and convince her that it is you who would like to have in the future of your team. What you should not forget to submit it certainly is:

  • Application
  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Proof of study or a copy of diploma (graduates)
  • References (schools, previous employers, etc.)
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Received certificates and
  • Educational or other achievements, awards, etc.

Fees === Jobs === If the work gets a ** very ** company or institution, the mediation fee ** not **. Another situation might be for a foreign internship, which normally mediate the private agency **. ** The price lists will vary depending on the extent and type of work and other services offered by a given agency.

Job placement === === Offers job placement are numerous, can be found inter alia:

  • Site foreign departments of schools and faculties
  • Site of the National Agency for European Educational Programmes (NAEP), where you can find information on job placements organized under the „Erasmus“:… & or „Leonardo da Vinci:… &,“ Grundtvig „: a = view-project-folder project_folder_id = 68 & & or "Comenius“:…
  • Site of the Czech branch of student-profit organization „IAESTE“:… (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience – International Organization for exchange students to gain technical experience)
  • Non-profit student organization website „AIESEC“:…c/AI/Central 20Eastern% 20and%%% 20Europe/CZECH 20REPUBLIC/stu­dents/exchange / (Association Internationale des étudiants en Sciences économiques et Commerciales)
  • Portal „PLOTEUS“:…eus/home.jsp?… (Portal on Learning Opportunities Throughout the European Space) by the European Commission – the website of the companies themselves, institutions and organizations in your field

(Using the web, „Charles University in Prague“: and sources mentioned in the text)

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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