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Radim Laga: I "teenager" can shake science (first part) Added:21.9. 2010
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Radim Laga: I "teenager" can shake science (first part)

Scene from the disaster movie. The Earth is approaching asteroid, it is most likely to turn out and destroy the part of civilization. How do you deal with it? For example, it shoot projectiles pulsed electromagnetic accelerator, a special unit, which develops only nineteen Radim Laga, one of the winners of the awards Czech header 2009th

Fresh graduate Gymnázium Radim Lago Brod from Hungary during the past year and assess their current multi-year work on electromagnetic accelerators constructed home in the basement. For his project wins including sixth place in national competition AMAVET Expo Science, third place in the international competition of scientific and technical projects for high school-I SWEEEP Czech title and header 2009th Physics, while technically have spent from eleven and a project which celebrates the success, he began to think in fifteen. What is a man who can not so young affect science?

** Your project is for a lot of people call a little awkward. Can you describe simply stated what that pulsed electromagnetic accelerator is ferromagnetic particles? **

It's an electromagnetic gun that shoots steel hub, called the projectiles. Unlike the other weapons is different because it is extremely quiet and theoretical speed vystřeleného charge can reach the speed of light because energy conversion is not limited to any expansion of the gas as in conventional weapons. It started because I was interested that in practice the effectiveness of weapons designed so far only less than one percent. This means that the device can only convert less than one percent of electromagnetic energy into kinetic energy of the coil bolt. My goal was to maximize efficiency. I managed to pick up close to five percent, which is still a high number, but five times larger than the original, and that no one before me have failed.

** How do you feel when you say this to anyone before you have failed? It's a bit like a stick as the first flag on the North Pole? **

Not really, because so far it has no place in any large-scale use. Still the market is missing some parts, which would speed up development.

** You say that missing out on the market. This means that sometimes there just are not getting them? **

It's just a question of money. The company does not need to develop them as they may apply only in the accelerator and not in domestic appliances, which could then sell. Said to me, although a company in Prague that I would be willing to develop such devices, but asked for half a million. It seems to me far too much.

** And it did not turn up anyone who would be willing to sponsor further research? **

Yes, but I've suspended development. I rather wait a couple of years until the market appear similar to cheaper components. I think it's a question of the decade.

** Are you afraid that during the suspension of the project may continue for your discovery and the discovery of the „Blow“? **

A little yes, but I think in the next ten or twenty years it will not. Therefore, I can wait a while and then when the accelerator to perfect, you leave it patented.

** You're talking about his own patent. What part of your project are already well-known theories and what your innovation? **

I contacted all the available knowledge on electromagnetism and concrete terms, this is a special case. I rethought what it takes to prepare the properties of the magnetic field and kinetic energy meet the purpose. It's quite a difficult area, where it meets the high voltage, high current and very challenging exercise components.

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Radim Lago with a medal, won in international competition, I SWEEEP.

** How long did the project actually worked? **

Two years of theory, where I collected sources and sponsors, and two years of experience. I was surprised how well everyone responded to me. For corporate leaders come sixteen kid who wants the money, but nodded. When I met with the director to be Slovácké mechanical engineer, told me that I have to present their plans for five minutes. After five minutes, but picked up the phone and called his secretary and removed the next meeting so that I could listen to the end (laughs). In the Czech předváděčce armory and become a curious thing. I managed to accidentally shoot through a barrier and hit a paper model of the complex. Fortunately, only one response: "Very impressive, Mr. Lake. Once the project is zoomed in, you build an interplanetary cannon. "(Laughs) The CTU předváděčce me again teachers have said that I would feel that the project could build a thesis. It would suffice to add a couple of formulas and I have a master's degree. University of Pardubice invited me to lecture. And then I had no high school diploma.

** In addition to recognition of the accelerator, if you got several awards. Which do you weigh the most? **

Some awards Czech header 2009th And as I learned I won it just as one point. The jury had a moral problem-oriented research to evaluate the development of weapons. With that I have indeed hinted in all competitions. He said the media would not look good. Perhaps the national secondary school cycling activities to ask me any question on the principles of the project, only to human problems around. It was for them to see that they do not like my project, so I probably ended up second. It actually criticize the project, especially most people who do not understand him. My teacher and I was even declared the right-wing extremist because I dared to build a weapon.

** I'm surprised that you mentioned and not the Czech head of international awards competition of scientific and technical projects for high school-I SWEEEP, which took place in the U.S. .**

About the Czech media have not cared much more excitement around the Czech head. And I must admit that I am a little disappointed in the American competition. The jurors saw the fear in my project, many of whom I would not even ask for anything. I expected more openness. But on the other hand, there I met a man who once gave a similar research and surprised him, what results I have achieved. That encouraged me.

** You're watching your competitors in the Czech head? **

I did not have much chance. The evaluation took place on the University building in the lounge and called us one by one, so none of us saw the other's defense. In addition, I was then quite close, I just had the flu and fever, yet I had a few hours drive to Prague, find a space, reasonably defend their jobs and go home again. And yet, I finally won and the work that beat me in other competitions.

Continuing conversation „here“:…u-druha-cast.

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