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Radim Laga: I "teenager" can shake science (second part) Added:27.9. 2010
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Radim Laga: I "teenager" can shake science (second part)

Yet neither had a high school diploma and had invited him to lecture at universities. At home in the basement has a device that will one day be able to shoot satellites into orbit. Or also destroy. She feels responsible for the consequences of his research? As to his young career scientist ever got? Czech header 2009 in the category of Futura and successful representative of the Czech Republic in international competition, I-SWEEEP Radim Laga talks about her life with physics.

The first part of the interview can be read „here“:…u-prvni-cast.

** Most of the awards you got when you were fresh nineteen. The first scientific work but you wrote it in eleven. What is covered? **

I developed a ground-based pressure sensor. I have devoted to it, what can be built from discarded washing machines disassembled. I took it a sensor that reacts to water and modified it so that it can respond to pressure when a person goes around. It was actually a sensor alarm.

** How did you get physics at all? **

Older brother did amateur electronics, so I looked him over his shoulder, he repaired radios, and six years I was composing himself to round blinkers and sirens … poor neighbors. I enlisted to do the programming and a little math and physics, which is in effect a solid foundation. At fourteen I first read about the principle of magnetic weapons, and I pondered over how to improve it.

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Radim Laga and his „baby“ – an electromagnetic pulse accelerator.

** Why is it that you just take a gun? **

I wanted to dominate the galaxy (laughs). The point is that the current weapons mankind too short.

** Why? Man or reliably destroy the whole city .**

Yes, but imagine that we fly a giant asteroid. Upon its destruction, although we can use atomic weapons, but the question is how to convey it. Missiles? Maybe, but it is very expensive and complex. If we learn of a similar body three days in advance, we have no chance. While the electromagnetic accelerator, we can react immediately directly from Earth. It should just put the gun in a giant scale. Bullets that shot, are just cheap pieces of steel. My original idea was to build an orbital satellite that would carry accelerator. The orbit is minimal gravity and friction so that the bullets fired were not such a big loss of speed passage of the Earth's atmosphere. The impact would be so huge that even a tiny projectile would split the asteroid in the tiny particles to earth in fact harmless. For it is but necessary to fundamentally reduce the size of weapons and increase its efficiency. But as I indicated, I think it's just a matter of time.

** Do you smell on their shoulders some responsibility for ensuring that humanity vkládáš into the hands of other exploitable weapon of mass destruction? **

I take it more in terms of scientific progress, on which I am trying. Using my innovation will have on others and on their responsibility.

** How would you feel if – hypothetically – in the third world war you use advanced accelerators like the Americans used the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? **

Well, that's a tough question. I fear that it would be able to answer to if it really happened.

** Hopefully, then, not a chance to respond .**

After all, Einstein said he did not know what they will fight in the Third World War, but in the fourth it will be sticks and stones.

** Quoting Einstein. How much care about the whole world of physics? **

My designs are Nikola Tesla and Richard Feynman. In particular Feynman Physics lived very passionately. When in 1986 burnt down shuttle Challenger a few seconds after launch, sat in the commission of inquiry. At a press conference, reporters asked him the cause of the disaster. He showed little rubber gasket and said: „When this part cools, becomes brittle and can not move with it.“ Illustrate pomačkal component, dropped into a chilled lemonade, blended and pulled out a piece that could not be any shape. Beautiful and simple physics demonstrations. I liked how simple and easily managed to make physical principles, and his joy of knowledge. And Tesla was again Feynmanovým opposite, trying to be socially beneficial technological advances. I like the combination of the two physicists.

** Do you have something to do with them? **

The Feynman shared about my childhood, something we both always manage to neighbors and friends. Feynman describes his life in his book „It can not be serious, Mr. Feynman,“ which I highly recommend. With the Tesla, I share the same enthusiasm for scientific progress.

** Do you read fiction as well? **

No, not like me. I read the more specialized texts in my field. I travel to various conferences, so I meet people with whom we exchange information and the types of articles.

** This year you graduated. Where are your next steps? **

To Prague at CTU field robotics and cybernetics.

** It's not too modest goal of just how successful you have attained? **

Well, it's true that my international round-SWEEEP I offered a scholarship to the University of Texas, but I do not want the moment to foreign countries. The Republic of CTU and the best addition I have there because of my experience, among PhD students and many friends. I am quite curious to study. The last three years I had my project through an individual plan, so I'll start again after years of going to school. It will chew.

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