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Higher education in the Czech Republic Added:7.9. 2010
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Higher education in the Czech Republic

About how it goes at the elementary and secondary schools, most graduates from our own experience a good overview. They suspect, however, what colleges are governed and how many in the Czech Republic anyway? The fundamental questions about the Czech higher education is trying to answer this article.

"You have typed the full-time school name – life. Each day you will have the opportunity to learn something. Teaching you can either enjoy it or it can be considered as useless and stupid, "aptly compares the writer Cherie Carter-Scott lives to the study. The fact that in life one always learns something, no doubt. And with the growing importance of education and information is increasingly done so consistently in the attic of institutions for this purpose and for increasingly longer. What kind of timeframe are we talking here? Eighteen years. So much time it takes the average college graduate path from the first day in elementary school up to a master's degree. Many, however, lasts through foreign visits meziročníkům or even longer. And it's not talking about PhD who invest in education for over twenty years of Earth. In this article we try to offer some brief information on Higher Education in the Czech Republic.

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Higher Education scheme (source: – Abbreviations: STS = secondary technical school, college = high school, NVS = non-university College, UVS = University College, JVI = other educational institutions

Each nation or culture to determine the structure and system of its own educational process, based on their experience, traditions and current needs. Czech higher education is governed by the "Law on Higher which provides for the possibility of establishing a high school, its structure, jurisdiction and administration.

Students in the Czech Republic has to choose between public (before state) universities, where the study under normal conditions to charge, and which may establish and abolish by law – a proposal of their formation and disappearance of parliament must approve the CR, and high private schools, which collect a fee from students for the studies called tuition. Mostly it is a public benefit corporation, an equity company or limited liability company. In addition, there are still two high schools called the state (University of Defence and Police Academy), which established the department of the Ministry directly. The default state is currently „26 public universities“:…ysokych-skol, „two high school ministries“: http://www.msmt. com / education / state-high-school-based web-pages (Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior), „44 private universities“:…kromych-skol and two high accredited schools abroad (USA and UK).

In the Czech Republic, moreover, distinguished university-** (BD) and non-university (NVS) type **. As a university count high school, which made all types of higher education study programs (that are bachelor's, master's and doctoral program), and many of them life-long learning. At these schools has a important position in practical research and development. On the contrary, non-university colleges usually offer mostly just a bachelor's degree and continuing education courses. Manages its supply regional demand for professional occupations. They are all Czech private and public colleges College of Polytechnics Jihlava.

Each country has the right to sub-issues of education of its population to decide on its own. Yet the political developments in Europe leading to the unification, or at least adapting education systems. An example can be ** ** Bologna Agreement of June 1999, under which the Member States of the European Union committed themselves to go on a three-university studies. What does it mean in practice? Each program is divided into undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies so that the burden of study at various schools around and meet the students could build on their previous education in other schools, feel and abroad. The result could be a student to finish cooking bachelor in the country, will be followed by graduate study in Germany for a doctoral degree and go to the appropriate supervisor to England. Czech Republic as a Member State is included in the Bologna Process and many university and had to restructure their curricula. Today the majority of fields meets the requirements of the Bologna Agreement (other than medical fields and rights).

International collaboration in schools is becoming easier. This is possible thanks to the transition to international credit ** ** ECTS, which is also part of the Bologna Process. Students receive a completed credits that they are recognized not only the home school, but also abroad, for example. Therefore, a student who travels for a foreign school may count courses completed in the Czech study.

And what that actually they are credits? Points represent a kind of workload. This is usually converted so that the number of hours per week devoted to that subject for one semester should approximately match the number of credits awarded for this subject. On average, the student should get one semester 30 credits (ie one academic year 60 credits), which corresponds to roughly the same number of hours spent per week studying. Some fields included here hours spent in school, some even calculate the self.

Bachelor is one cycle according to the Bologna agreement undergraduate studies ** ** ** graduation ending **. Further study is called the ** Graduate School **.

List of academic degrees issued by Czech universities, visit the 'Ministry In addition, a similar overview, accompanied by offers of foreign titles of „“:…. For even in the Czech Republic can be obtained from foreign academic degree. Why? International schools can have their branches in the Czech Republic and implement their courses here. At present it is the American University of New York and British college.

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scheme of education from primary school completion by age of the student expected (source: www. – edited)

** Source: ** Bc Blanka Farkašová: Comparison of the concept bachelor of library and information studies at the Czech and German universities (bachelor thesis) „“: „“:

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