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Country respond to ongoing environmental changes! How? Added:2.9. 2010
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Country respond to ongoing environmental changes! How?

Press news

About Tom will discuss the 200 participants at the international conference landscape ecologist at the Mendel University in Brno third to 6 September 2010.

In Brno, the second September 2010

The conference guarantees the auspices of the Ministry of Environment. The organizer of the Czech regional organization of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (CZ_IALE) and organized the conference, participating in Forestry and Wood Technology, Mendel University in Brno (lecture venue, excursions) and the Faculty of Charles University in Prague (post-conference tours), through its branch representatives.

The main theme of the conference include the current changes in the landscape and the landscape response to these changes. They are: extreme droughts and sudden floods in unusual times of the year, a sharp transition of winter to summer, the migration of organisms across the continents, the barrier of civilization versus long-distance movement, the economic costs of increasingly unstable climate conditions, maladjustment to the social trap environmental change impacts on All solutions and the need for adaptive …

It is a few examples of sub-themes that will be heard at an international conference ** ** – in the order of two of this focus and the breadth of our country (the first was held in Prague in 1998) ** Landscape Structures, Functions and Management: Ecological Response to Global Change **.

The organizers:

Prof. Ing. Paul Smith, PhD.,

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science,

President of the Conference

Assoc. Dr. Ing. Peter Madera

Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology,

Chairman of the organizing body CZ-IALE

** Media Relations – Ing. Catherine L. Brettschneide­rová **

Mendel in Brno

Agriculture 1 / 613 00 Brno

Phone +420 545 135 199 / mobile: 737 134 878

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