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Meeting of Czech and Japanese experts in VSB-TU Ostrava Added:2.9. 2010
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Meeting of Czech and Japanese experts in VSB-TU Ostrava

Press news

From Monday, 6 September to Friday, the 10th September 2010 will be held at the Technical University of Ostrava, the fourth edition of the Czech-Japanese workshop „New Methods of Damage and Failure Analysis of Structural Parts“, which will be attended to 37 Japanese and 25 Czech experts to evaluate the material degradation processes and the analysis of damage components.

Press release, 2 September 2010

Czech-Japanese workshop takes place at the Technical University since 2004, always in two-year cycles. The meeting is not only possible to discuss professional problems but also opportunities to develop cultural relations between the Czech Republic and Japan.

"I think that at our university we have a pretty good tradition in the cultivation of disciplines related to the theme of the conference, which is supported by industry and interest in the place. Japan is industrially advanced country, and scientific research centers dealing with the development of materials engineering disciplines with excellent results. The workshop is a good opportunity to take advantage and get to know the results of Japanese colleagues, "says Vice-Rector for Science, Research and Graduate Education Professor. Ing. Bohumír Strnadel, MD., The VSB-TUO.

At this year's Czech-Japan workshop will discuss the following topics:

  • Degradation processes in materials
  • Reliability engineering components in service
  • Transfer the results of material research to industry

The language of the workshop is English. It also includes sightseeing excursions to UNESCO to Kromeriz and Refrigerator.

Mgr. Tana Kantorková

Manager for External Relations

Phone: 597 323 700 e.mail: @ tana.kantorkova

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