In the Czech Republic there is a Christian University Added:8.9. 2010
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In the Czech Republic there is a Christian University

The emergence of Christian College seeks a group of Czech Christians. For the university chose the name Christian College ** **.

"This country lacks an explicit Christian school. Why Christian University, in which the students could retain their Christian faith, but it also developed – and which would also nekřesťanští students to find out what křesťasnká faith in practice and how to live authentically – is exactly what this country urgently needs this time, "highlights the intention of establishing a school that would be followed by spiritual values, but it was purely theological, director of the Institute of Civil Roman Joch. Together with Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, and other church leaders expressed support for the university.

The accreditation is currently seeking degree program with two fields: ** governance of cities and villages and ** ** **. Economics and Management Of first-time students are considered in the academic year 2011/2012. The school will be among the private universities and tuition fees will range between twenty and thirty thousand per semester. Will probably be housed in Prague.

The idea to establish a certain device from periodical academic Christian education is unique. Functioning of the European Christian University, for example in Sweden, the Netherlands and Lithuania. One of them is the Slovak Republic – it is a Catholic university in Rožumberk, which was established on 1 July 2000.

** Source: ** „Official site of the project“:

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