Microsoft announces another year of global student competition Added:8.9. 2010
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Microsoft announces another year of global student competition

Microsoft has launched a new edition of software design ** Imagine Cup 2011 **. Best student applications and solutions that should be able to help people and companies around the world, gets out of another $ 25 000 ** **. It begins with the regional rounds, the best of them advance to the finals, which will be held in New York.

„If we leave aside the financial and other prizes, a trip abroad, prestige and, finally, credit must be in school, it is primarily a real experience. At school we are taught how to lead projects, how this or that looked and worked in the real world, but the reality is slightly different and often unpleasant surprise, "defends benefits of competition and student coordinator of community programs, Microsoft's John Gemrich. "Create an application using which will solve problems, whether global or your city, do a good deed.“

Teams can register up to April 2011 ** **. Announcement of the Czech round will be held in July of that year.

All projects should creatively make use of a product family **. ** Visual Studio

A brief guide to the participants an international student competition, the Imagine Cup 2011 will the registration process can be seen „here“:

All contest dates and official requirements, see „here“:…e355677.aspx.

And how can such a successful project look like? The answer can be found in students of the Technical University in Brno, who for the last year of competition developed software GINA help in crisis situations of natural disasters. Among the twelve international projects final round, although qualified for, but in practice already demonstrated in Haiti, where he helped in tracking and monitoring of rescue teams in the field. The software should be applied in components of the integrated rescue system.

** More info: ** „Foreign competition site“:, „Czech Srank competition“:…/imaginecup/, „Facebook site competition“: #! / Imaginecupcz? V = info.

** Source: ** „CT24“:…00718/video/, „“:…eportaze.asp?c = A100705_12370­6_tec_reporta­ze_nyv, site competition

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