Technically oriented thesis can compete for the prize Siemens Added:10.9. 2010
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Technically oriented thesis can compete for the prize Siemens

Siemens Forum and industry and universities proclaim 13th annual competition for the best undergraduate, diploma and doctoral theses ** "Price Siemens – Werner von Siemens Excellence Award 2010 '**.

The prize is awarded in the following categories:

  • 3× thesis, pay 15 000 CZK
  • 3 PhD thesis, pay 20 000 CZK
  • 1× thesis processed at Siemens prize 15 000 CZK
  • 1× thesis processed at Siemens prize 15 000 CZK

The competition was announced already in May, but students can sign up to work until 3 ** November 2010 **. Winners will be announced at a gala concert on the 9th December in the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague.

The competition is possible to register for technical, technical-economic and IT disciplines that fall within the business segments of Siemens. Zejnéma includes generation, transmission and power distribution, automation technology, information and communication technology, mechatronics, electromagnetic compatibility, the technique in relation to the environment, transport technology, medical instrumentation and its applications, lighting and building technologies. The prize can be awarded to the outstanding contribution in other technical categories.

In the past ten years prices, according to Siemens CEO Paul Kafka awarded a total of 152 winners in the form of scholarships and financial rewards were distributed amount in excess of 4.2 million crowns. „Entries are annually at a very high professional level, and competition among young people interested in technology. For example, in last year's prices of Siemens were entered one hundred works,“ praised the interest cost in an interview for the server „odbornecasopi­“: http://www. / index.php? id_document = 36943rd

At last year's winner is MAY, ON ANIMAL look at this „link“:…i-sve-viteze.

** Source: ** "Siemens ‚site‘:…in/index.jet

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