Palacky University opens a one-year course in Sports Law Added:9.9. 2010
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Palacky University opens a one-year course in Sports Law

Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc, organized from 29 October 2010 one-year course in a combined form with the name of law in sport.

The course is designed for sport directors, managers, coaches, athletes and sports students and faculties of education. Its aim is to provide basic orientation in the legal aspects of sport and increase expertise in this area. Subjects and their annotations can be viewed ‚here‘:…ravo_web.doc.

The course will conclude with the final defense of a thesis written in the 30 pages and a final exam in the subjects: the basics of sports law, principles of private law in the area of ​​sport and foundations under public law for the sport. Each participant will receive after passing the final test certificate.

Applicants may apply ** 30 September 2010 **. More information and registration for the course is „here“:…o-ve-sportu/ # c16365.

** Source: ** „“:…rticle/8145/

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