PHOTO CONTEST! Added:6.9. 2010
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Announcement of the winners!

Announcement of winners contest on the theme "My classmates'

The photos we chose delivered the most successful 3. All winners will receive books to prepare for entrance exams to university from publishing fragment. All participants of the competition thanks and congratulations to the winners.

Team Server

1st instead of

Photo: Lucia Slukova

2nd instead of

Photo: Olga Slukova


Photo by: Zdenka Hudcovská



Competition theme is "My classmates'.

Conditions of the competition.

Each contestant can send up to five digital photographs, resolution and professionalism is crucial, rather it's an interesting idea and the images should be in the school environment.

At what price can you enjoy?

Five photographers get the best books to prepare for entrance exams to universities published by The fragment and the images will be posted on our site.

** ** Examples of selected books

** Deadline extended to October 31, 2010 contest! **

Where to send photos?

Photos send to the address to the subject enter „online“. Indicate below whether you prefer books with a focus on the humanities or natural sciences.

We look forward to your photos, ** Team Server **

. <>

** Note ** By submitting photos to the competition the author agrees with the publication of photos on a server and also undertakes to obtain the consent of their publication and persons captured in images.

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