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Faculty of Economics participates in the international project, which creates a model of transformation of regions with low Added:7.9. 2010
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Faculty of Economics participates in the international project, which creates a model of transformation of regions with low

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Faculty of Economics, University of South Bohemia joined the international project UNICREDS – University Collaboration in Regional Development Spaces. UNICREDS aims to show how cooperation between universities, industry and public sector contribute to the transformation of peripheral regions with low economic performance in regions of well-informed, who have the opportunity to achieve excellence in research and innovation.

The official opening ceremony of the project took place in April 2010 in Truro in Cornwall. The three-year project involving 15 partner institutions from six European Union countries – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Project partners meet regularly, in addition to the opening ceremony was held meetings in Brussels and Skellefteå in Sweden.

The main objective is to share experiences in the cooperation between universities, businesses and public sector in the so-called „principle of triple helix.“ The result should be to identify suitable – good practice. The project will analyze the principle of „triple helix“ in some of the ongoing European cooperation and to create a portable models, which should help to define the approach to reconstruction and development of regional economies. The resulting models will be integrated into regional, national and European policy. It is assumed that respect for created modules will help create regional centers of research and innovation, and build partnerships that will continue after project completion.

The regions involved in the project UNICREDS have similar characteristics. In comparison with other regions in the country share such distance from major centers and rely on the already declining traditional industries. Access to the traditional university, higher education is for residents of these areas very difficult, both from the geographical, financial, and social reasons. Only a small portion of the population, which from its original region of study leave is returned to find work here. Another feature of the partner regions is the high proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Project UNICREDS – University Collaboration in Regional Development Spaces is funded by the INTERREG IVC Programme, means South Region and University of South Bohemia.

University of South Bohemia in this project represent Assoc. Ing. Eva Cudlínová, PhD., Department of EU structural policy and rural development and EF JU Assoc. Ing. Ladislav Rolínek, Ph.D., Department of Management JU EF.

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