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Arctic Project, Faculty of Science - a second report from this year's expedition to Spitsbergen Added:7.9. 2010
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Arctic Project, Faculty of Science - a second report from this year's expedition to Spitsbergen

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The second part of this expedition Petuniabukta 2010 was its cast of more intimate, attended by Judith Klimesova botanist (Botanical Institute AS CR), plant physiologist Peter Vacz (MU Brno), photographer and biologist Alexander Pospech (JU Czech Budejovice). In addition to regular duties, such as control of small stations and the meteorological station of care, that each party also has its technical program.

Judith Klimesova this year focused on research poloparazitických life cycle of plants, two species of Pedicularis hirsuta všivců * * * and Pedicularis dasyantha *. Showed that while P. hirsuta is found in wetter and more protected areas with snow along the polar willow, P. dasyantha species prefers drier sites, characterized by the presence of P. Kovář osmiplátečné. Both species can bloom several times in life and have no pre-established flower growing season. The roots, which provide connectivity to the host plant, which supplies všivcům water and dissolved minerals are brittle, and the influence of soil frost processes are easily disrupted. Thanks to the great regenerative abilities are able to link with the host plant be restored.

Peter Vacz used his short term to solve some methodological problems of measuring photosynthetic activity of plants and lichens using chlorophyll fluorescence induced. Has formed a series of measurements of photosynthetic activities of daily cycles, which took place on location in the previous year and are focused on the polar willow, P. Kovář osmiplátečnou, campion bezlodyžnou and lichens of the genus Umbilicaria.

Pospěch Alexander, who remains on Svalbard to the end of this year's expedition began photographing animals and has amassed an impressive collection of photographs depicting the behavior of birds and their chicks on the sea coast.

Reference: First report of Arctic Expedition (12 8th, 2010)

Assoc. Ing. Judith Klimešová, PhD., 27 8th 2010

Author: tiskove, zpravy

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