The Special Branch: Banking Added:10.9. 2010
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The Special Branch: Banking

Banking is a discipline with which he meets in everyday life about all of us. However, in order to work properly and we are losing our means, that banks and other financial institutions to entrust and have to use experts. And the right to education is targeted by several branches of study, most often, although not exclusively, found on our economic faculties.

=== The Field

The focus of the study area is not only the banking operations of banks, as it might seem at first glance, but here comes the insurance sector, monetary policy and finance in general. To apply in the future, however, precisely in those areas, it is not necessary when choosing the right field limited to fields that bear its name the word banking. Similar training will also provide courses aimed at finance, money and finance, etc.

Admission tests === === Applicants banking sector mainly composed entrance exam in math, or even accompanied by English Test (the University). The Silesian University in Opava, applicants may be admitted also to the good results of the tests held in the „National Comparative Test“:…vaci-zkouska.

Contents === === study The overall study design fully respects the fact that a good orientation in the field of banking is not only guaranteed that students will be trained right and just in this area. Equally important, there are courses in mathematics (including the financial and insurance), statistics, economics and business management. Emphasis is also put on a good knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, and another of the world, the relevant legislation relating to finančnictvím or the ability to work with information technology and computer programs. During their studies, students learn to collect, process and interpret data and information from the department of finance and transfer them to the public. They get a good orientation in the functioning of the domestic and international financial markets, advanced financial products (banking, insurance and other) problems in capital markets, etc. In addition, they will be able to present possible options to address the regulatory and policy measures for the use of advanced computational methods to analyze and predict their impact their future development. After the Bachelor's studies, students may take either straight to practice or use the options to continue in the same or a related field in the master, or even doctoral cycle.

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* Branch Banking is targeted not only to the activities of banks, but here comes the insurance sector, monetary policy and financial sector in general (photo: stock.xchng) *

Graduates === === Graduates of undergraduate courses may apply particularly to the lower and middle level management of banks and other financial institutions at various positions in the private and public financial enterprises (such as employees of banks, insurance companies, etc.).

Where to study banking === ===

  • ** ** Public Schools

** Silesian University in Opava **

** Business Administration in Karviná **

Degree program: ** Economic Policy and Administration ** Study: ** Banking ** – Bachelor (P, 3 years), Master Program (P; two years, ends with the title of Ing.) Website: ":…

** Palacký University **

** Science **

Degree Program: Applied Mathematics ** ** Study: ** Mathematics – Economics with a focus on banking ** – Bachelor (P, 3 years) Website: ":…dijni-obory/?… 5BshowUid%% 5D = 661 & cHash = 2dc7b0a2a94cf­fefcc072c58b4e2­e452


** Faculty of Finance and účtenictví **

Study program: Finance & Accounting ** ** Study: Banking and insurance ** ** – Bachelor (P, 3 years), Master Program (P; two years, ends with the title of Ing.) Website: ":…ske-studium/

  • ** ** Private Schools

** Banking Institute, Inc. **

Degree program: ** ** Bank Management Study: ** Bank Manager, Bank Manager – Specialist ** – Bachelor (P, K, 3 years) Website: ":…kovnictvi.29


Degree program: ** Economic Policy and Administration ** Study: ** Banking ** – Bachelor (P, K, 3 years) Website: ":…

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