UWB invites the Days of Science and Technology in Pilsen Added:9.9. 2010
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UWB invites the Days of Science and Technology in Pilsen

On the 13th ** – 18 September 2010 ** will be held in Plzen for the fifth year of this successful event ** Days of Science and Technology **. This popular educational event organized by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in cooperation with the City of Pilsen. Over the years, from a purely technical event expanded into such areas such as design, science and healthcare.

The program is divided into two parts **. ** From 13 to 16 9th visitors can enjoy a variety of exposures, examples of experiments, demonstrations of modern technology in action, or for special lectures and courses. This part must sign up for free at „this link“: http://www.dnyvedy.zcu.cz. Between 17 and 18 9th Events will take place in the heart of Pilsen.

A Day in the themes of science and technology offer? For example, you can enjoy a 3D cinema, space station, robot programming, formula, production of medals with his own portrait, as well as advice on studying at university. A detailed program, go to „Web events“: http://www.dnyvedy.zcu.cz/…ktuality.php. By 10 September, high school can also subscribe to accompanying competition.

Source: Press Release

Photography comes from the 4th year's event in 2009. Source: „Science and Technology Days“: http://www.dnyvedy.zcu.cz/…oto_2009.php.

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