Interest in the Faculty of Law, declined slightly in UWB Added:18.9. 2010
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Interest in the Faculty of Law, declined slightly in UWB

The case of unknown about awarding degrees at the Faculty of Law University of West Bohemia (UWB FPR) has finished another chapter closed. At the beginning of September, the newspaper based on economic faculty established the Commission to review all studies bachelor degree graduates to send out letters with the statement that they acquired title will be retained. By June of the Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education decided that the faculty may again give the title JUDr., Which was the act that it was for a time denied. Investigation of the remaining suspected cases, according to available information, should end no later than February of next year, which ends in his capacity as rector, Joseph Prusa.

However, as events have largely moved reputation FPR, signed on this year's interest in studying at the faculty of the candidates? While in 2009, recorded in the five-year Master of Science program law and jurisprudence, law from a total of 2459 candidates, this year many of the same name field study reported only 1,901th Decreased interest in the three-year bachelor's degree programs by specialization of Public Administration: while last year he sought the 843 candidates this year their number was 733rd As previously pointed out Internet server, relatively little interest in the study was also called the zero year, then pay an annual rate, which serves as preparation for entrance exams to study for a subsequent PFR UWB. Until he finally signed up only 36 candidates. Faculty of them were to take a while to 100 Compared to academic year 2009/2010, this reduced limit students admitted to master's degree, and to 248 from last year's 408th The Bachelor of them this cycle, on the contrary was taken over earlier 77th 1988

  • "With regard to the whole affair is the final number of entries – a master's degree lower by one fifth – in our view a very good, the public probably expected a larger decline. If we compare the number of applicants and the number received, based on each received 7.7 rejected – last year it was only 6.0. Thus, this was harder to get our faculty to master the program than last year, "he told * Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Peter Bezouška FPR UWB. As noted below, faculty in the period before the deadline for applications sought for any special promotion among potential candidates. Throughout the year, however, in his words, representatives of the faculty, take such action as may be transparent to faculty affairs, leading to its cleansing function and set the rules while maintaining collegial teacher-student relationship. * "All the strong control of the Accreditation Commission, Ministry of Education and the public through the media. That was the best promotion, "said * Bezouška.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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