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This year's second prize for the pharmacy of the French Embassy doktorandce University of Pardubice Added:13.9. 2010
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This year's second prize for the pharmacy of the French Embassy doktorandce University of Pardubice

Press news

In Tuesday, the 14th September morning (at 11:30 hours) will be at the French Embassy in Prague, passed this year's prices for pharmaceuticals. Another PRIZE FOR PHARMACY gets Ing. Eliska Bílková, doctoral student at the Organic Chemistry Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice.

Press Release 13th September 2010

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis and the French Embassy in the Czech Republic announced a competition for the annual award for research in pharmaceutical sciences. Prices are designed to support doctoral students studying at Czech universities and young researchers. Each university has the option to log on to the national finals of doctoral students, which it considers best. The candidate must then provide expert commission your resume, present in writing their work, including illustrations, which represents the research conducted in the candidate's doc­torate and meet other conditions in the tender notice. Furthermore, the candidate before an expert committee to present a lecture (in English or French), summarizing the results of their work in the following discussion questions to be responsible members of the jury.

This year (June 17) at this prestigious competition represented the University of Pardubice, respectively. Faculty of Chemical Technology, ** Ing. Elizabeth Bílková **. His work developed at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology under the guidance of prof. Ing. Milos Sedlak, DrSc. (Head of Department). In the tough competition of 10 contestants got work ** Ing. Elizabeth Bílková second place for his work entitled „Targeted transport systems for antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs: Star Poly (ethylenglykolové) conjugates with enzyme-sensory couplings“ **.

Awards PhD students Ing. Elizabeth Bílková, students first year of doctoral studies is its very significant achievement, which also demonstrates the high level of research conducted at the Faculty of Chemical Technology. Ing. Elizabeth Bílková works on a completely new and innovative cross-cutting issues of chemical disciplines, ranging from organic synthesis via macromolecular chemistry, enzyme kinetics, analysis and characterization of supramolecular systems in aqueous and solid phase.

In addition to financial rewards for his great performance and earned a monthly residency at the corresponding research work in France (according to free choice of winner).

** The price for the pharmacy takes in Tuesday, the 14th September, at 11:30 pm **, at the ceremonial reception, which will be held at the French Embassy, ​​The Embassy. Prizes will be forwarded to Professor Jean-Marie Lehne – Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1987, in the presence of HE Mr. Pierre Lévy – French Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

  • Any more information:

prof. Ing. Milos Sedlak, DrSc. Head of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology FCHT Phone 466 037 506 *

Ing. Valerie Wagner, Chancellor – spokesman for the University of Pardubice Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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