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Dean of the Faculty of Education officially named the USB section. Michael Vancura, Ph.D. Added:14.9. 2010
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Dean of the Faculty of Education officially named the USB section. Michael Vancura, Ph.D.

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At the proposal of the Academic Senate of Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice of 11 5th 2010, according to § 28 paragraph 2 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. Universities and changes and amendments to other Acts (the Higher Education Act), appointed Rector Professor University of South Bohemia. Mgr. Vaclav Buzek, CSc., Mgr. Michael Vancura, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Education, Yu. The term of office is four years and came into force on 1 9th 2010th

** Mgr. Michael Vancura, Ph.D. ** University of South Bohemia in the works since 1997 (Department of Geography Faculty of Education, JU) *.

  • In 1990–1995 he studied geography and cartography at the Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. The master's degree followed by doctoral studies at the same place, it ended in 2002. The dissertation is devoted to the transformation of industrial production in the Czech Republic in the 90 years. In the pedagogical work at the Department of Geography at the Faculty of USB is specifically focused on industrial geography and regional development .*

** Appointment ceremony was held on 13 September 2010 Faculty of Education USB .**

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Photo: rector prof. Mgr. Vaclav Buzek, CSc., and a new dean PF USB section. Michael Vancura, Ph.D.

** Rector Professor University of South Bohemia. Mgr. Vaclav Buzek, CSc., Introduction to thank the previous management of the Faculty of Education, Mrs Yu Děkance Assoc. Mgr. Alena Hošpesová, Ph.D., and her team of collaborators. Assoc. Hošpesová led the faculty in the previous term, and its mandate expired on 31 August 2010 .**

The incoming dean of the faculty wished the rector, the following words:

„I would like to wish you at this time, saying that the general lack of time to this demanding and responsible academic function of luck, good health, good luck and good team workers. Let those close to us, and especially heads of departments. In the four years it will Faculty of Education and the University need a very intensively. “

The new dean of the faculty section. Michael Vancura, Ph.D., in his speech spoke mainly about the direction and priorities of the Faculty of Education:

"I am aware of the enormous responsibility for the direction in which the Faculty of Education take the following period. I am prepared to accept this responsibility and devote maximum effort to develop the faculty. I would like very sincerely to thank the previous leadership, Ms. Děkance Hošpesová and its formation of a high quality work that allowed me to take faculty and consolidated in a stabilized condition. The following year, the faculty must focus on their mission, and that is quality education teacher. If I had to name some of the main priorities, they are: the development of pedagogical sciences, the development of didactics an emphasis on qualifying the growth of our employees, the maximum grant aid activities and last but not least quality presentation of our work and our achievements. Science must be reflected as a strong educational institution that has something to offer both its students and their teachers and the general public, "concluded Dean of the Faculty of Education, Master Yu. Michael Vancura.

** Thanks Děkance previous leadership and faculty Rector of the University Professor. Vaclav thank god the graduation ceremony, graduates of the Faculty of Education 29th Ju June 2010 Faculty of Education Děkance Yu Assoc. Mgr. Alena Hošpesová, Ph.D., for the work done by the Faculty of Education in favor of USB and the South Bohemian University as a whole .** MJ. said:

„I would like Mrs. Děkance express my sincere thanks for the honest work done by the benefit of the faculty and the university as a whole in a very difficult period. Its human, scientific and educational position again proved that the country needs well-educated teachers and teachers of first and second degree elementary schools, who receive their masters degree for teaching faculty. It is these interacting with their parents or basic education of our children, awaken in them a love for school and cultivate in them habits of lifelong learning …“

PF JU had AK. 2009/10 3703 s­tudents. For this and. year 3754 were filed applications to study at PF JU. Testing candidates successfully passed in 1923. Number of students in the 1st years will be published according to the number enrolled (after registration).

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