Literary Contest for high school students Added:24.9. 2010
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Literary Contest for high school students

Comenius National Pedagogical Library of the Institute for Information on Education (IIE) announces its third annual contest, which is open to all high school students with literary talents. Its theme this year is: ** We live in a country **.

These entry points to the question of life, especially socially vulnerable and needy, especially in terms of their inclusion in social life and living with other people. The theme for this year was chosen specifically with reference to the fact that it was 2010 the European Union for combating poverty and social exclusion. The aim of this decision is mainly to point out that despite all the prosperity of the Union as a whole lives in it for 17% of people with incomes so low that often not enough to cover the most basic necessities of life.

All participants in the contest among high school students can send their literary works in electronic form to, not later than 15 ** November 2010 **. Their work should not exceed five pages maximum length, the literary form and genre, however, are not restricted. In each work, however, must be given the header name and student name and school address.

Submissions to the expert jury and any party that gets to the finals received honorable mention, and his work will be published in the Proceedings. The top five writers will receive prizes. Formal evaluation of the competition and prize winners will be held at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in January next year.

Literary contest live on one country is held under the project "Support of literacy in primary and secondary schools. The competition is supported by the Czech National Commission for UNESCO and under the auspices of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities.

Source: IIE press release Photo: Lucy Black

Author: Černá, Lucie

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