The Special Branch: Teacher Training in Foreign Languages Added:24.9. 2010
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The Special Branch: Teacher Training in Foreign Languages

Do you enjoy languages ​​and would like to pursue them even in college. But where to head when you do not want to bother philology at the Faculty of Arts and at the same time you would like to avoid a second branch, which often require the teaching faculty? Then she offers single-subject study Teacher Training in Foreign Language.

Single-discipline and multidisciplinary ==== ==== variant Teacher of Foreign Languages ​​offers a „faculty of education at Masaryk University in Brno“: /… In her study, see Catalog Teacher of English, French, German and Russian. The nearby fields, called English, French or German language with a focus on education, also offers "University of West Bohemia in Pilsen ':…10_fpe_w.pdf. Teaching faculty at other schools usually require you to have a language added another field (such as history or mathematics), and after graduation and had a future as a teacher two standard approvals.

You will be after graduation Teacher selected to speak the language better than your colleague who studied Archeology? This of course depends on you. The Teacher, single-subject, however, probably will get to improve your skills more space. Course of study is essentially identical, but as a teacher you can have twice the hours of language training, where is your only mandatory colleagues Archeology lecture, you will have a workshop and so on.

Arts vs. teaching faculty

Although study conditions at individual schools vary, but generally, the Faculty of Philosophy of you will need to know in greater depth the structure and evolution of language, the more you tormented historical grammar or literature and you'll probably write more than talk.

Not that you need to know the literature or language development at the faculty avoid – you go in these areas but to a lesser depth. But you expect more actual talking, but also a large number of pedagogical, didactic and psychological subjects, because it is assumed that in the future become a real teacher or a teacher, and faculty will try to prepare for such a role.

So if you really want to focus mainly on language and you are not just jump into the idea that you should deal with it in addition to the items, such as health education, environmental education, special education, didactics and Education Act, the Faculty of Philosophy for you could be a better choice. However, except that some students transferring from the philosophical to the teaching faculty, since there rather get a chance to actually use a foreign language, common educational base objects also are not difficult to master, and their completion will be useful not only in teaching career.

==== Student opinions

„Pajdák personalized approach has the advantage, if you ask the teacher for help, usually you will get it as well. The pajdáku knows how to teach and explain. On the other hand, it is clear that the level of Filda and demands much higher that what pajdáku still teach and explain the Filda just have to know you, so you have the opportunity to learn more and more specific things that go into much detail, "says Lida Lungová situation, which of the Faculty of Arts MU went on Teacher Training in French Language at the Pedagogical Faculty of the same university. "Teacher learning is almost the only chance for those who want to study language, but before entering the university still do not speak it perfectly,“ agrees Veronika Tomanova, Teacher of Russian language student at MU.

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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