Faculty of MU tried a quick way to evaluate the entrance Added:16.9. 2010
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Faculty of MU tried a quick way to evaluate the entrance

Faculty of Masaryk University (MU) has completed the first successful test of a faster way to review the entrance exam. These new managed for that purpose to evaluate the application within one hour. For the first time may experience a speed of 344 candidates for master's study program, Public Administration and its forms of lifelong learning.

Applications developed by a team of experts from the Faculty of Informatics, first drawn up and printed for each candidate to enter the original questions, which students received just before the test. After passing the exam and submitting the completed sheets back to the development of tests and scans inserted into the university information system. The electronic system automatically corrects the completed tests and assign them points. Scanned and repaired your problem then you can see each candidate in your email application. The questions and correct answers shall be published before the start of the procedure, so that each student could check if that response was good and the bad.

  • "The advantage of scanning completed tests than testing directly to computers in the computer lab is currently testing the possibility of a much larger number of candidates than the normal capacity of the classrooms. Having no such worries with the control functionality of computers, security against copying from the Internet or downloading unwanted documents. Moreover, its duration can not threaten or computer failure, "explained the benefits of * Michael Brandeis, leader of the development team of the Information System of Masaryk University.

Source: Press Release Masaryk University Logo Source: www.law.muni.cz

Author: Černá, Lucie

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