MU prepares to open new campus Added:22.9. 2010
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MU prepares to open new campus

Students, teachers, as well as other supporters of the Masaryk University in Brno tomorrow at last achieve a new campus, who grew up in Bohunice. Its grand opening is scheduled for 23 September. The whole event will start at exactly 14 hours on that occasion will take place at the front door, except the ribbon-cutting, rich program with many musical and dance performances. The whole event will culminate the evening concert.

Since late August, however, those interested in the form of a new campus to look through the virtual tour, which is accessible from the official website of the University or from the Web address With its help you can explore in detail ten sites in various campus locations, and so far at least the network could be interested to see the new auditorium, library, sports hall, academic restaurants. There is also the view of the connecting bridges or equal to the entire campus.

University Campus Bohunice, Masaryk University was built under the Development of material-technical base of the MU and its scale is one of the greatest investments in school facilities in Central Europe in recent years. The total area of ​​42 hectares will be available a total of 24 teaching and research pavilions, an information center with library and reading room, learning center and assembly hall hall and sports hall. The area will serve about 5 thousand and thousands of students to teachers and researchers from the Medical Faculty, biological and chemical fields of science faculty and the Faculty of Sports Studies.

The total cost of building the campus reached 4.972 billion crowns. The project was financed from the state budget, supported by the European Investment Bank loan, own resources and by the Masaryk University in Brno. Preparation and construction of educational research and development center Masaryk University started in 2002, actual construction work, in 2003. The first campus buildings were commissioned in 2005, then another in 2007 and 2009.

Source: Press Release Masaryk University

Author: Černá, Lucie

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