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Design awards - Professor Price. Henry Halabala 2010 Added:16.9. 2010
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Design awards - Professor Price. Henry Halabala 2010

Press news

On Wednesday 22 September 2010 will be held in Vaňkovka Gallery in Brno exhibition opening contest of student works of Professor Price Halabala 2010th In the alternate partner organization of the University, ie, Wood Technology, Technical University in Zvolen and the Forestry and Wood Technology, Mendel University in Brno.

Press Release In Brno, 16 September 2010

The award is awarded annually to students of design furniture in the Czech and Slovak Republic for the best projects in the design and construction of furniture. Name Professor Halabala thus became an integral part of his legacy for a new generation of designers, engineers and manufacturers of furniture. This year, held in Brno have signed their work with nearly 150 students from ** 6 schools from the Czech and Slovak Republic **. The exhibition of competition entries will be open to the public Sunday, the 3rd ** October 2010 **.


** Professor. Halabala ** Halabala, one of the first Czech furniture furniture designer and founder of pedagogy post-war Czechoslovakia, is firmly connected with our city of Brno As a graduate of Applied Arts began his practice as Head of U.S. furniture stores UP races and soon got to the position of director of development for furniture. The company had its headquarters in Brno Josefská street. The greatest benefit Halabalová personality can be regarded as his passion for promoting a new way of interior design with modular furniture systems. Perfected, and he suggested several modular systems and progressive and dedicated to the furniture of bent tubes. Strictly advocated a comprehensive approach to the production, promotion and sales. There was a photo studio in the basement shop in Brno Josefská street, where he introduced the function of housing counselor. After leaving the postwar UP races Halabala later planted on the establishment of the Research and Development Institute of furniture with nationwide jurisdiction is located in Brno in the Cyrillic street. Equally important is his publicist and pedagogical activity. His book * Manufacture of furniture, design and constructions is still the theoretical basis of the timber industry. As a teacher he found understanding in Zvolen, where he founded the Department of Architecture * Furniture and wood products *, which is developed by his efforts in leading training and research department in Czechoslovakia. In 1955 he was president of Czechoslovakia appointed full professor.

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