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Year of high school graduates: a clear guide Added:8.10. 2010
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Year of high school graduates: a clear guide

Many of you are facing a very challenging year. Just at a quick glance at all the work and the events that await you, you make appearance of flashing lights? The first step to mastering the difficulties of drawing up a list of tasks. And you see, that we managed for you!

Autumn == ==

– Application for graduation test

Fill a small ticket items, from which you graduate, it seems like an unnecessary formality, but it is already a definite step. You probably already thinking, what is the best choice. If not, it's time to consult with someone. Application for graduation is usually filled during the month of October.

– Passing a state maturantského

Event considerably more cheerful. Each school (mostly depending on regional practices) performed this ritual in a different way. Sometimes seniors are „passing“ in the spring just leaving class, is required elsewhere stužkovací party with masks or raging throughout the school.

Winter == ==

– Application to art school

Still on alert and still so many forget, and then pays the income. For most of the arts, you have already submitted an application during the November audition is usually held in February and March. If you have artistic ambitions, carefully watch your dates!

– === Stužkovací party

Again, the tradition varies. Some schools hold a stužkovací party, meetings with teachers, pupils, where matching is performed the ritual, play with sketches, photographs and notes reflected that the best of recent years.

– === Prom

From the beginning, it seems that prom means more worries and hassles than enthusiasm. Especially when the graduation work is increasing, not much mood to solve the band, raffle, festive attire, invitations, and on top of the budget. The euphoria, however, eventually come and the photos once we zavzpomínáte. On graduation balls to publish it from November until February.

– === Open Days

From September until February held all the high school open days, during which you acquainted with the operation of schools, courses offered and student facilities. It pays to go as well as contacts to other candidates or for detailed information about the admission procedure. Read more ‚here‘:…renych-dveri.

– Filing of an application to college

For most graduates crucial and stressful time. Where to lodge an application? What the school requires? Where can I find all the relevant information? If you do not always clear, or simply need advice quickly, „“: will continue this challenging time with you.

Spring == ==

– === Written graduation

Every year around Easter, the students sit at a clean sheet of paper to the selected topics chosen it for themselves and were the most convenient one step closer to graduation dream. You do not want to spoil anything, bet on makeup, narrative or form letter. Read, „what mistakes to avoid“:…se-vyvarovat.

– === Tableau

Your graduation class in April will be presented in the window of one of the shops in the city center. Think the original tableau, which still does not appear, can be quite challenging, as well as to agree on it together. Motivation can be various competitions that are being listed each year.

– === Rag

In larger cities, glitzy events festivals with equal participation of many stars (see here on the „gallery“:…fotoreportaz year from last year), the smaller ones nice and funny events with concerts, theater and the parade of masks. One last chance to enjoy their classmates and to relax tension předmaturitní.

– === Last ringtones

Parting with the school bell accompanied bujarým joy, harassment of passers-by and collecting money. This act begins with a „svaťák“ that fun ends.

– „Holy Week“

Week designed to repeat the substance – the learning is already a bit late. The weather was mostly succeeds beautifully, much worse students suffer their fate. Time is relentless but after the weekend and it all starts at roughly.

coveted diploma is already at the door ..

– Matura

Finally, some find that the test was much faster and less painfully than you expected. Everyone from the graduation exam take home something: someone wrong, someone triumph, but all agree that it is good that is already over.

– === Graduation party

Lucky ones who were the first to go, probably they caught drunk before the graduation party, they all deserved but relieved, to agree how to love – and the morning you can wish good luck to přijímačkám.

– Entrance exams for high school

The second round of tests, for someone even more demanding than graduation. Other environments, strangers and the questions that are often not prepared in advance. I hope you at least something to help our site. And good luck.

– === Transfer certificate

Apparent formality, but that he enjoys the whole family. The council office can enjoy their five minutes of fame and then you can carry a certificate to the minutes and working interviews.

– Acceptance / rejection / appeal Writing

By early summer there is only one thing: to open the envelopes or emails and reveal your future. Adopted / and? Not accepted / and? What now? How to write an appeal? Watch our site regularly!


– The longest break in life?

Whether abroad or at home, work or leisure, these holidays are really deserved. So I really enjoy it!

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