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Be the others - get a certificate of Chinese language! Added:29.9. 2010
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Be the others - get a certificate of Chinese language!

They are languages ​​whose education provides the vast majority of language schools. Then there are languages ​​that provides several language schools. And then there are languages ​​that are taught really only a few of them. Among these must be Chinese. And believe it or not, from her today you have a language certificate …

… and it is a Chinese state HSK exam ** ** ** full name Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi ** (which means „Chinese evaluation test“). It is an internationally recognized exam, officially sanctioned by the Chinese Ministry of Education, which may consist of all non-native speakers, but even the Chinese themselves. They must not have permanent residence in China. Trial tests designed and compiled the HSK Center at Beijing University. The test can be taken three times a year directly in China, or some of the educational institutions outside. Test your site has, the Czech Republic.

Three levels of difficulty === === As is the case in other languages, also from Chinese exam can be taken at several levels of knowledge.

HSK Basic * ** ** Getting the lowest levels of the diploma, students require knowledge of at least 400 characters. Generally speaking, that this test can be prepared by passing around a hundred to eight hundred hours of training completed. The actual test lasts 135 minutes and contains a total of 140 test questions. Tested with both the ability to understand spoken word (50 questions, 35 minutes), reading comprehension (60 questions, 60 minutes), and knowledge of Chinese grammar (40 questions, 40 minutes). If this test is successful, then you sign And, you can report it due to China's univer­sities offering courses in science, technology, called Western medicine and agriculture.

  • ** HSK Elementary-Intermediate **

Higher level diploma will the one who demonstrates knowledge of two to five thousand words. This corresponds with the completion of approximately four hundred to one thousand hours of teaching her. The test is divided into approximately 145 minutes and containing 170 test questions. 50 of them verifies the ability to understand spoken language (35 minutes) 30 questions is focused on grammar (20 minutes), and another 50 questions to see how student understands the written word (60 minutes) and the last part is the text to complete (30 minutes). Unless you manage to pass this test with the result A, you can boldly in Chinese universities to report to the study of literature, traditional Chinese medicine, etc. The sign of C can be studied Bachelor's program in science, engineering, agriculture and Western medicine.

  • ** ** HSK Advanced

And then there's the third heaviest grade tests, which corresponds to approximately three thousand hours of previous instruction. When it was the student must demonstrate that controls 5–8000 grammatical terms and an excellent knowledge of the language. The test has two parts. The first lasts 105 minutes and contains a total of 120 questions, divided as follows: 40 questions that test the ability to understand spoken language (30 minutes), 40 questions that test the ability to understand written text (40 minutes) and 40 questions that test the ability to generally express (40 minutes ). The second part takes 30 minutes during the student to write a composition on a given topic within the range from 400 to 600 characters. The last part is a 10-minute oral presentation with the same period of previous preparation. If this test ratings and reach, you are in China (and not only there) to accept the place as well as a translator. Valuable but also a sign of C, the most since at least you should show if you decide to China to work or study.

=== Evaluation

Tests are then evaluated centrally in Beijing, where the result and sends back a certificate test centers. The entire procedure takes approximately two months after the test. The test has a permanent effect, only a test result report (they need students who intend to report to one of the universities in China) is valid for two years.

Testing of Chinese in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic can pass the HSK test at the Confucius Academy at the University of Palacky in Olomouc. Is held once or twice a year, in autumn and spring. Price per test for non-Academy is 200 crowns for a basic exam and 300 crowns per test for intermediate. Academy members in each category will pay a hundred crowns less.

Preparatory Courses === === As indicated above, we find here too many schools that would provide Chinese teaching and preparation for the test. Yet few of them can be found. Currently offered courses are usually short, lasting from two to six months and typically involve from 15 to 40 hours of instruction. Their price ranges from two to eight thousand.

Study of Sinology at the University

Chinese can be studied on campus, and within disciplines focused on Sinology. Certificate of passing the state exams HSK intermediate level can be obtained for example after successfully completed a three-year undergraduate studies at Charles University. After two years of study graduates receive a certificate of the highest-level exam.

Chinese philology studies at UP

Chinese make up a large part of Chinese studies in philology at the University of Palacky. Students have the opportunity to get at least third HSK test degree (equivalent to testing and evaluation of HSK Basic) and the Bachelor's degree or 6 degree (corresponding to sign C Intermediate HSK test) in the master's studio. Both tests are also a prerequisite for successful graduation.

More on the above mentioned fields can be found „here“:…ie-sinologie.

A few words about Chinese

  • One of the languages ​​of the Sino-Tibetan language family
  • Talking to him not only in China but also Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere; together by talking about 1.3 billion people
  • Has a number of sub-dialects, all are able to read a single Chinese characters
  • Chinese writing system is an open-ended, ie. That does not specify the number of its characters
  • The largest Chinese dictionaries include about 56,000 characters, although most of them are archaic or are not commonly used
  • To read the vast majority of common texts (in print, on the street, etc.) you need knowledge of at least 3000 characters, for reading Chinese litaratury, technical texts and traditional Chinese, however, there need to know twice as much
  • The so-called isolating languages, ie. that express relationships between words in the sentence above uses word order and grammatical words, each word is change shape, as is the case in Czech and other inflected languages
  • Smallest linguistic unit is the morpheme, which in most cases corresponds to the syllable (not saying), each syllable is also implemented in a certain tone (intonation), which can be used to affect specific importance and is an integral part of the syllable

Resources and useful links

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