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Opening of the academic year 2010/2011 at the University of Pardubice Added:22.9. 2010
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Opening of the academic year 2010/2011 at the University of Pardubice

Press news

Next week – Wednesday, 29 starting in September at the University of Pardubice, Pardubice and its six faculties official academic year and teaching. Undergraduates in the Faculty of Litomysl restoration begin teaching on Monday 4 October. Number of university students will no longer increase.

The first year's years of undergraduate degree programs at all seven colleges enrolled 3,400 students. It's a little less (-200) than last year, but enrollments correspond to the planned adoption applicants, the university strategic plan, and current demographic development of the state to fund higher education.

University of Pardubice accepting candidates for this study and 25 undergraduate programs, with 52 branches. Overall, will provide training in 60 accredited programs with 120 fields of study – Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral studies.

Despite all expectations with the impact of declining population in a group of high school at the University of Pardubice in this year reported a record number of applicants – even by 1 700 more applicants than last year – only a bachelor's degree came to 10,500 entries. Overall (ie Bachelor's and follow-up to Masters) was filed almost 13,000 applica­tions, which is against the previous years of 2000 even more applications. Interest in higher education is not falling so far and faculty have had in taking candidates to choose from.

The exact total number of students who are studying this year at the University of Pardubice, is not yet known, because until early October, taking place in some faculties of entries in the senior years of study and doctoral studies (and a national study of statistics to conclude at the end of October).

University of Pardubice, however, expected that the number of students enrolled at the seven faculties will be this year's jubilee in 2010 around the same level as last year, or around 10,500 undergra­duates.

It fills up and the long-term plans and objectives of the University – in 2010, have seven faculties and 10,000 students. With further development of the extensive number of students or faculty or degree programs and courses the college has not considered.

** Academic year will start 29th 9th exhibitions and evening with the science and chemistry .**

** To Pardubice arrive for the winter semester to study hundreds of foreign students .**

** This year sixty-year jubilee college prepared for the new academic year for undergraduates and their learning background of a number of technical improvements .**

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