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With the Polish certificate Added:3.10. 2010
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With the Polish certificate

In this part of our series, approaching language certificates to find out what options you have, to their good knowledge of Polish language to affirm some „piece of paper“. He can then throw in the office or at the entrance to college.

As with other languages, even if you have a Polish language basically two options. Either you decide for the state exam (called small or great statesmen), or internationally recognized certificates of the Polish specialist workplace.

1) The state exam

„Statesmen“ You can sit at a language school with state language exam. You can select a basic level (small state examination) or general (big state exam), or. choose a specific focus on interpreting and translation. The test is, unfortunately, but recognized elsewhere than in the Czech Republic. The terms are usually open by the spring and autumn. Prices range from 2.000 to 6.000, – CZK.

Offer Polish language courses as a plate!

2) Internationally recognized certificate

But you can decide for international certified tests that correspond to levels B1, B2 and C2 according to the European reference framework. The system of certificates together with the National Certification Commission has developed Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Like the state tests, and you can expect a test of oral expression and listening, reading comprehension and grammar. Prices range between 60 and 120 €. Tests are usually held up in Warsaw, individually, to be dealt elsewhere. On the Web „Państwowa Komisja poświadczania znajomósci jezyka Polskiego as obcego“: find any additional information, sample tests and registration for the exams. For language courses, see the website of the Polish Institute in Prague, „the Polish Institute in Prague“:

The third option, which offers a graduate course on some of Polish Czech universities and their successful state examination dotvrzovat unique orientation in Polish history, especially language and realia. Diploma of Czech university but not of course be recognized internationally.

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