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"The disadvantage of studies at the Slovak? No I can not think! " Added:30.9. 2010
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"The disadvantage of studies at the Slovak? No I can not think! "

„Zilina is a beautiful city and for no other I would not trade it,“ he says proudly Žilinský student Daniel Martynek and explains why it was his decision to study at the Slovak natural and why you like the Czech Slovak school does not seem uncomfortable.

  • Daniel Martynek (22) Moravian village of Sandy joined after graduating from the School of Civil Engineering in the University of Žilina Havířov to study objects of transport structures, which is now called architecture. Why rejected Ostrava, Brno and Prague and Zilina went to? Does the school status of foreigners? Nezalitoval its decision ever? *

** How did you get from northern Bohemia to study the Slovak Republic? **

At the middle we had one teacher who was living in the Czech Republic, Slovak. And he once suggested an interesting idea. Why should I study to trudge somewhere in Brno, Prague and Ostrava, when I Zilina over the hill? They offer there my field of study and as a Czech I am entitled to the benefits of Slovak foreign student.

** And you are what? **

First of all I like foreign students automatically track, which would be in Ostrava, which is from my home as far as Zilina, did not.

** Track you probably got in Brno and Prague …**

That although, yes, but not for forty-two euros per month (smile).

** Accrue from the fact that you are a foreign student, and any additional benefits? **

As someone with a different accent and speech'm hard to miss. I'm anonymous because a student with a number, but quite the contrary. Everyone remembered me since the moment I greet them. When testing is asking me about it, exactly where I am, and reflect on their studies and where were the brigades, the hops and the like. Most of the teachers of our faculty had studied in the Czech Republic. When something needs to be dealt with, the teachers always send me. They say, „Well, you know; for Dana, you're Bohemia and they are such gold upon thee.“ But maybe it's my character too well. I'm very open and talkative.

** If you're so open, you even managed to openly answer the popular question of whether they are Czechs or Slovaks prettier? **

(Laughs) answer diplomatically. The beauty in the finals as well irrelevant. But the Slovaks and Czechs rank among the most beautiful women in the world. Sometimes when I buy in the Bill or sitting in the canteen … Well, it's almost unbelievable, „what“ is going through there!

* *** Daniel Martynek just before graduation (Source: Archives of Daniel Martynka) *

** You've learned during that time, studying what the Slovak Republic, Slovak speak fluently? **

It's not. Slovak is actually not so difficult, is the hardest accent that Slovaks are other syllables than we do. Although the better, but at school I can speak and write in Czech, so why would it not used. In addition, I was against himself, because I think that Czech Slovaks attracts so little, it's such … what shall I say … fascination with something else. Like most of us Czechs attracts just Slovak.

** You've talked more about the advantages of the Slovak Republic. You also mention the disadvantages? **

You've got me so by surprise. I guess I can not think of anything. Max is that I lose contact with their classmates from Central, who ran the Czech Republic, but it would probably not avoid anyway. But definitely do not regret my decision. Zilina is a beautiful city. People here take us as his own. Um, that is, until some of the world championships or Olympics (smile).

** Do you mind to be that during the year you have to constantly use different currencies, Czech koruna and the Slovak euro? **

No, I'm used to it. Upon arrival, immediately replace any money or choose from the account. The only problem is perhaps the fact that the euro is easier to spend. To the Czech Republic would not want the euro.

** Has influenced you somehow Slovak culture? **

Since from childhood growing up in an area that is near the Polish and Slovak borders, so I'm all of those cultures, absorbing it from childhood. Do I need to Slovak folk costumes as well as ours Gorolski … I think that overall our culture very similar. The only thing I have yet to Slovak neskousl is Borovicka popularity.

** There were some moments when you wished that you did not stay in the Czech Republic? **

They were. This year, when the reform took place Slovak universities and collectively changed and disturbed fields. We had a pretty tough time, our colleagues in Bratislava, even though from day to day and fired again enrolled in another field of study. Fortunately, we just changed the curricula and it did so with the transition from winter to summer semester, so that we were still quite good. But I think one building faculty and close … but I hate to spread rumors, I'm not sure why it really was …

** Have you ever met with a puzzled reaction when you told someone that studying the Slovak Republic? **

So with such reactions are quite commonly encountered. Czech Technical University, and above all know, BUT, and that is a good engineering school in Žilina, do not know. But that's their thing, I'm happy in Zilina.

** Can you imagine that you stayed there even after graduation? **

Sure, why not?

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