New Economic Study on FEM Mendel in Brno Added:29.9. 2010
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New Economic Study on FEM Mendel in Brno

Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno (PEF) is a new field of study for master's students, which was prepared in cooperation with Partners. Goal of the program is to provide students with practical knowledge and skills in financial markets. Graduates in this field find their jobs especially in positions of middle and senior management in the commercial financial market institutions.

„Field Finance and Investment Management is the result of several years' work and solve the problem of shortage of skilled workers in financial markets,“ said prof. Ing. John Betting, PhD., Dean of the faculty. Among the courses offered include banking, capital markets, international investment strategies, financial planning, and many others.

Field Finance and Investment Management is part of the Economic Policy and Administration and will be taught in full-time and combined form. Application Form can be submitted in written or electronic form, cost-effective to 11 3rd 2011th

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Source: Press release PEF

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