The Special Field: International Management Added:12.10. 2010
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The Special Field: International Management

From the third year, offers University of Economics in Prague (UEP) in our follow-up has a unique master's degree in International Management with the name. Branch grew out of collaboration with the University Alliance prestigious universities CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education, which is a longtime member of this school. Field of study is taught only in English.

=== About the industry

The aim of International Management is to attract and educate talented graduates of undergraduate programs with a focus on the business area. Its starting to become an international program of Master in International Management (MIM), which is the main project of the CEMS alliance. Now it provides a total twenty-seven various states that are allied with CEMS currently associated. Prague University of Economics is a part of since 1998 (more information about the MIM can be found on the "Organization of CEMS ':…al/index.php). Branch organized at the Faculty of Business Economics umbrella, but due to its broad interdisciplinary nature of the teaching of individual subjects also involved teachers from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Faculty of International Relations and the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics. The program also foreign visiting professors lecture.

Significant awards === === CEMS MIM program in a recent evaluation of the Financial Times placed worldwide on the second rung. The front position while you hold this field since 2008, since when this ranking to be established: the first time took third place last year was even the first. For more details on how assessments of individual disciplines and schools of the world full results can be found on the „ALL pages“:… or „“ http:/ / / businessschool­rankings / Masters-in-management.

. <> * *** Association CEMS organizes the information for those interested in meeting (photo: CEMS) *

=== Admission

Admission to the field of International Management (IM) is divided into three rounds and largely reflects the progress of the study. Furthermore, but of course also examines the applicant's mo­tivation to study, extracurricular activities, his interest in international business environment, previous experience, excellent knowledge of English and very good knowledge of another language. Each phase of the admission procedure are analyzed as follows: ** ** First round of tests consists mainly of the submission of required documentation. These are documents confirming completion of prescribed courses (or their equivalents) with a predetermined minimum number of credits a student must also submit certificates evidencing excellent knowledge of English and at least a good knowledge of another foreign language, curriculum vitae and motivation letter in English, a record of previous study results, Bachelor's degree, if it is already available, and other supporting materials related to the field. ** ** In the second round of applicants at examining the conditions for the work manager in an internationally oriented company based on psychological tests in the Assessment Centre (test includes an interview with the academic director of CEMS). Attention is focused primarily on internal motivation, willingness to take risks, tolerance to stress, responsibility, flexibility, confidence, assertiveness and communication skills. ** ** The third round of admission is only proper proof of completion of undergraduate studies, without which the candidate can be admitted into the program IM.

Contents === field

In addition to required and elective courses prescribed curriculum, students must pass the IM field several additional workshops and practice.

  • ** ** Block seminar

Even before the first semester the students admitted participating in the Winter block mandatory seminars. It is a one-week intensive seminar on a variety of innovative trends in management, which takes place at all CEMS partner universities. Individual lessons lead teams of teachers from different disciplines (eg Economics is usually organized a seminar on technology and innovation management) and meet with students here from different schools. It is therefore not only academically but also culturally significant event that will provide students with an ideal insight into the industry. Students also have the opportunity in seminars to better know each other and establish closer contacts with their teachers.

  • ** ** Skill Seminars

During their studies students must pass the so-called skill seminars. They are often organized in collaboration with one of the partner companies of the project and their main mission is to offer students the opportunity to gain practical skills. Students must spend a while studying at these seminars at least four days.

. <> * *** skill workshops are often held in conjunction with any of the partner companies of the project (photo : CEMS) *

  • ** ** Semester abroad

During the first year of study, students must also spend the winter or summer semester abroad, and some of the CEMS partner universities (a list can be found „here“:…/members.php). Preference to students already identify in the application form. This semester will allow them to gain experience in a highly international environment at the most prestigious universities in Europe and worldwide.

  • ** ** Work placement

Part of field practical training is also required at least ten full-time experience abroad. The aim of this internship is primarily to provide students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge acquired in the study as well in practice. An internship can undergo both during and after their studies, but without its completion can not get a certificate of graduation in the CEMS MIM and obtaining the diploma.

  • Business ** Project **

During the first year students also process practically oriented project, which is in cooperation with companies.

Graduate profile === === Study International Management is an example of discipline with high academic standards and is recognized not only here but also abroad. Already during their studies, students are encouraged to obtain an almost professional skills, thereby increasing their qualifications. The graduates are becoming experts in international business and management with high probability in the labor market, even in a challenging international environment. Successful completion of the study is confirmed gain the title engineer (Ing.), but also an internationally recognized certificate CEMS MIM Master in International Management.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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