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Anna Maňasová: a young Czech woman with a degree from Cambridge Added:10.10. 2010
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Anna Maňasová: a young Czech woman with a degree from Cambridge

No semesters, but trimesters. Individual approach. A variety of ambitious students from around the world. This study describes Anna Maňasová at Cambridge, which, as one of the few Czechs managed immediately after graduation to study at Europe's most prestigious university.

„A few years ago, I definitely thought I had a chance to get to Cambridge,“ she wonders the fate of his talented student. It has an early age it was clear that her journey will be educated from the way other Czech children quite different. Once the Ministry of Education enacted home schooling, became Anna and her two years younger brother of one of the first children taught by parents at home. Then she joined the eight-year grammar school, where it directed its actions directly at Cambridge. Was this thorny road?

** When you first thought of the possibility that you could study abroad and not in the Czech Republic? **

When I was in the Socrates project (a project of international cooperation of secondary schools – ed. Editor) at an international conference in Barcelona. I met there with students from Spain, Germany and Britain and was one of the British students I recounted in detail his dilemma, whether to log on to Oxford or Cambridge. After a long monologue to me turned and asked: And you'll report what? At Oxford or Cambridge? I was struck by that question, but then I started thinking about it, got brochures and finally said, why not try it.

** What was the need to meet you to get to Cambridge? **

There was a lot. I had to wade through the information itself the filing of an application, because the administration of applications to foreign universities, no one at my former school experiences. Application for Cambridge is opposed to Czech subscriptions very extensive. Attach with references, cover letter, an essay and a certificate in English. Everything must be sent in September or October. Further ones are needed for graduation, particularly in English, native language, and social sciences. These conditions depend on the field to which the person reports, as well as his subjects, from which I graduate cum. For me the biggest problem, however, was the need to qualify for financing education. According to the European Union must have foreign students from the European Union to the same conditions as the British, so pay the same tuition, which is around three thousand pounds. But British support and grants at the time were not available for nebritské students. Therefore, she wanted to Cambridge after all foreign students to prove they have sufficient funds to cover three years of undergraduate study, which many must deal with not just a small loan.

** Even though the study at Cambridge probably worth it. Why Cambridge is better than other universities? **

According to me, has the largest share of that to keep Cambridge at the top of world university rankings, local highly individualized approach. I outline how it works when studying social sciences. Although we have a common lecture, but more importantly they are called supervisions – in Oxford they are called tutorials – a teaching in small groups, sometimes in pairs student-teacher. Most learning takes place through the writing of essays, over which the participants discussed in detail and issues of developing them further. Students must learn to think precisely, to argue properly and to present their arguments. It is not enough to just read books and learn facts, but creatively and critically handled.

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Anna at graduation (from the archives of Anna Maňasové).

** Studying social sciences. Why did you chose as your subject just politics? **

Originally I did not choose politics, but social science. I entered the Social and Political Science, as if the field name. In the first year we had sociology, political science, psychology and anthropology. The possibility of multiple disciplines to study and then choose a specialty and I liked it because I'm interested in international activities and the situation in the world, I chose to study politics. But it played a role in the offer subject, faculty and professors …

** It is the dream of Cambridge, reachable only really talented and promising students, or there can meet the „smart loafers“ or „squints“? **

It's there as at most other schools are not all geniuses. People are learning by heart in particular medical disciplines. Smart slackers are there too, of course, but rather only among domestic students. For those of foreign schools is different. If you get to Cambridge, it means that they had to overcome many obstacles, and their efforts certainly do not intend to miss the fact that they did not try to not get the best. More opportunities for your weight.

** Potkáváš between foreign students and other former Czech students? **

Yes. The community of Czechs and Slovaks regularly meets at least once per trimester and always meet them somewhere between twenty and thirty. The meeting may take the form of sitting in a cafe or a formal dinner at one of the tracks. Many of them have come to the master's degree because it is easier to get here from high than from high school.

** A lot of Czech prestigious schools says it is difficult to get them, but the study itself is already difficult. As is the case with Cambridge? **

Thus studies at Cambridge is of course very difficult. But it depends on the person, what it does. The academic year is divided into three trimesters. During the two and the third is taught corresponds Czech zkouškovému period. Some do not work so full from the beginning, but it's difficult to have the last trimester. Tests are usually written form, but easily last for three hours, during which students must prepare three essays. He is to be given ten questions and student self-selected three themes to which he wants to express. During the academic year, however, can pursue other activities, at Cambridge, there are a lot of interest groups and associations. It is important to also have good time management and schedule your time so that the man managed to book, essay, and relaxation. Students dedicated to the natural sciences have more lectures and spend more time in the laboratory, social scientists back loading, doing the actual writing of notes and essays. Some weeks may also accumulate three essays, some may be looser. The clock can not convert their work, but for example, during the semester exam is usually teach from morning until dinner.

** How often do you see when such a strain family? **

Trimesters in Cambridge, although challenging, but short. They last ten weeks, so during school I drove home for Christmas, Easter and during summer vacations. The family was behind me to see my mom last with little brother came to the graduation in June.

** This year did you successfully graduated from Cambridge. What going on? **

I decided not to continue in the studio and throw himself into working life.

** Really? For a lot of Czech students is absolutely unthinkable quit after only a Bachelor …**

Here it works a little differently. In the Czech Republic, if you have no master, you are considered undergraduate. But here is a bachelor „graduate of the University.“ Two thirds of people do not continue on because he is a bachelor higher education. Those who continue, often going higher. Master is here taken more as a precursor to the PhD study than in Bohemia. I want to gain practical experience and be clear about what I do in life, and to then return to the master's degree. And another reason is, of course, finances, because the master's degree is much more expensive than the Bachelor. I know I can quit after bachelors in Bohemia sound crazy, because in the Czech Republic are simply studying for five years and I have raised the prospect that I want to study and master studies. But here is the awareness of society of higher education a bit different.

** What is your most valuable Cambridge brought? **

The opportunities offered by studying at the prestigious school. Whether it's listening to professors who have inflammation in their fields, various conferences, weekend lectures and discussions, enthusiastic students … there is equally good sporting and cultural activities. And career opportunities to study at Cambridge significantly expanded.

** Thank you for the interview .**

  • Anna was born on 24th Maňasová April 1988 in Bojkovice. After graduating from high school she went to England to study at Cambridge, where this year has successfully completed the bachelor's degree. Currently working as a Social Media Marketing Assistant and is dedicated to social media and community building technologies on the Internet .*

Cambridge University, which last year celebrated osmisté anniversary of its founding, according to legend, was run by a handful of academics from Oxford. They left it because of disagreements and founded a new university. Today, Cambridge has approximately 19 000 students divided into 31 tracks. Among the most famous graduates include Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Salman Rushdie, or Alan Turing. Along with Oxford, there are two oldest universities in English speaking countries. Rivalry between the two universities is well known: an interesting example is the fact that prospective students can in the same year only to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, but not both at university together. Description of the university environment, you can read for example on the „iDnes“:…-p9b-/igsvet. asp? c = A080318_16524­0_igsvet_skr.

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