Charles University accepts fewer students this year Added:4.9. 2010
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Charles University accepts fewer students this year

The Charles University is likely to proceed to a significant reduction in the number of applicants to be admitted next year. Informed about the server University Chancellor Charles Tomas Jelinek. It's the cuts in the budget of the Ministry of Education, which mainly affect high schools.

„Universities are reducing the income by ten percent escape,“ said Education Minister server Josef Dobes. According to him, the school accepted too many students at the expense of quality. Budget cuts will affect other areas of education: according to the site of Charles University Ukáčko considered for reduction or discontinuation of the semester teaching in the heating season.

Charles University is not the only one who will have to deal with the lack of funding. Against the austerity measures the government stepped most of the Czech Rectors, but the government has no intention to change its position.

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