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How studying in Birmingham Added:18.10. 2010
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How studying in Birmingham

Having a degree from a British university, it is something that would fit into the biography of each. But not all have the courage to study in Britain actually go. It is true that this may not be cheap. About how it is with the amount and payment of tuition, but also about the college and young Britons Bartejs Paul says that the second year of studies at the University of Birmingham branch of international trade with the Japanese.

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The famous Tower Birmingham Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower or Old Joe, the tallest free-standing clock tower in the world

  • Birmingham occasionally some Czechs say „Ostrava Great Britain“. Let's ask what is in this city to study, what are the impressions of the Czech student of University of Birmingham ': and what expenditure is to be expected .*

** Why did you decide to study in England? **

Due to the prestige of British education.

** Why did you chose the University of Birmingham? **

I chose her when I was in the best schools of the world rankings, at that time was around 74th, and mostly because I took the course in international business with language, specifically Japanese. It was elsewhere. Birmingham is also a total cheap city compared with others.

** How much comes tuition and living costs? **

Tuition fees are determined each year. This year is £ 3,290, it's the ceiling set by the government and only applies to England and Northern Ireland. In Wales, the fees are lower and the Scottish chapter of its own – where EU citizens could not pay tuition fees, while the British in other parts of the UK there is true. Living costs vary widely and depends on lifestyle. Last year I went college at £ 4,500 and other living costs around £ 2,500, including excursions and occasional visits to the cinema, not counting trips to the home.

** As it is in paying school fees? When you start paying? **

Tuition may be paid either in advance or EU citizens entitled to a loan from the British government, which can cover up to 100% tuition. This is due to graduation and achieve a minimum annual income, which differs from country to country. For the UK provided £ 15,000 for the CR £ 9000th If the student lived before beginning study at least three years in Britain, is also entitled to various grants and loans for living expenses with the same maturity terms, as with school fees. Interest is equal to inflation.

** What do you think of accommodation in halls of residence? **

Czech students can have a shock of up to about excessive „luxury“ – I did not see the track where people share the room. Often tends to each room and its own bathroom, but as I said, the price is exorbitant. Otherwise, it's living standard English – is there one winter, and in my room barely turn around. I also need to prepare for that Britons are embarking on a high in fresh eighteen years, and so are very noisy and nevybouření.

** How satisfied are you with the study? Do you think that level is indeed higher than in Czech schools? **

I do not know whether the higher level, I've never been high on the CR. But I'm happy. Maybe I'm naive, but I think I'll have an advantage over graduates of Czech universities. However, the system makes me angry at our school, when one of their 120 credits must be divided evenly into two semesters.

** So, after school you are planning to return to the CR? **

Not now. I want to pay your debt as quickly as possible, and therefore probably will first apply for a job abroad. But after about ten years to really see – that's something I know.

Photo: Paul Bartejs

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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