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International Day of Non-Violence at the University of Pardubice Added:4.10. 2010
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International Day of Non-Violence at the University of Pardubice

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On Monday 4th October evening, young people created in the University Yard and residence hall living with a fire symbol of nonviolence. The event is organized by Student Council, University of Pardubice and the human development community for the International Day of Nonviolence.

Since 2007, when Day 2 October (according to the birth of Mahatma Gandhi), the UN declared „International Day of Nonviolence,“ held annually number of events in various cities around the world including the Czech Republic. Mostly it is a student conferences, concerts, seminars and live symbol of nonviolence.

This year also involved a second University of Pardubice. On the initiative of the civic association Community for Human Development and Student Council created universities young people with torches living symbol of nonviolence. The event was also accompanied by a group of fire shows and movies Palitchi of nonviolence in the club Dýdy Baba in the university campus.

Patronage of the event was University Vice-Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs Professor. PhDr. Charles Rýdl, PhD.

This event for the organizers said Ing. Zuzana Kleprlíková, Chair of Student Council, University of Pardubice:

  • „Each participant will have the opportunity to buy a torch. Present creates a pattern – a symbol of nonviolence, which will be in front of Hall C of tracks on earth predrawn, and some time all at once the torches lit. Following the joint meditations for peace and nonviolence in the world. Then the group will Palitchi and demonstrate the fire show. We will continue in the club Dýdy Baba, where the screening of documentary films about non-violence and possible discussion on the topic. “*

The event begins on Monday, 4 ** October, 19 hours on a grassy area in front of Hall C ** and university colleges in addition to students of the University of Pardubice is open to the public.

** Schedule of Events **: 18:30–19:00 pm – opening of sales goodbye 19:00–19:30 am – living symbol of nonviolence 19:30–20:00 pm – fireshow 20:00–21:30 pm – screening of documents in the club Dýdy Baba

  • For more information on this event:

Ing. Zuzana Kleprlíková Student Council President, University of Pardubice mobile 777 556 256 Vit Bc Ronovsky member axis Community for Human Development mobile 777 142 028 *

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – spokesman for the University of Pardubice Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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