Absolventi.cz - cooperation between schools, businesses and students Added:11.10. 2010
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Absolventi.cz - cooperation between schools, businesses and students

Students and Graduates Association (ASA) has launched a new information platform Absolventi.cz ** ** for communicating with their graduate schools, students and employers.

At this moment, already on the „Absolventi.cz“: http://absolventi.cz has 16 public and private universities and 28 secondary schools and colleges. Graduates are able to communicate with each other or watch the news from the world of universities and information about job offers and brigades. There is also a photo gallery or arranging car-sharing.

The project as a unifying platform that actually saves costs and high schools alone, and it is much clearer. Electronic bulletin board in turn is much greener than constantly printing more and more new messages on the bulletin board classic.

Source: Press Release

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