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VFU Brno today officially opened the clinic pig diseases - facilities for teaching, research and clinical activities at the highest European level Added:8.10. 2010
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VFU Brno today officially opened the clinic pig diseases - facilities for teaching, research and clinical activities at the highest European level

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Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno today inaugurated a new pig diseases clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

** Clinic will provide hundreds of students of faculties superior learning facilities, science and research is ready to modern instrumentation, which ranks among the best clinic equipped workplace, not only in Europe but also worldwide. One part of the clinic was designed to directly collaborate on research projects in the field of human medicine. Construction of the clinic was started in February 2009, completed in September 2010. The total amount of the project including the cost of interior equipment and technology has reached CZK 146 946 000 .**

  • "Over the past 20 years, the University launched a major reconstruction of all the animal clinics that are located on campus. New Clinic pig diseases is the last project that building modern facilities for both teaching and scientific and clinical activity completes successfully. Thanks to a grant obtained from the Ministry of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno can now boast five clinics, which in terms of its level in the provision of veterinary care, modern facilities and technological equipment is at the forefront among the world's veterinary clinics, "said Rector * VFU Brno, prof. DVM. Vladimir Večerek CSc. MBA.

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The project titled * VFU – New Clinic * pig diseases were demolishing the old clinics, private clinics construction, reconstruction of sewage treatment plants (WWTP) because of the requirements for facilities for scientific, research and teaching activity began to be in operation for limiting the initial clinic its further development. On the same site was an area of ​​1449 m2 subsequently launched the construction of a new pig diseases clinic, which was named professor Drazana pavilion. So, as is the tradition at other clinics on campus, the clinic also carries the name of prominent personalities in the field of Porcine Medicine and the Rector of the University in the years 1975 –1987, prof. DVM. Jaroslav Dražan, PhD.

The building department's ba­sement, three floors with a roof extension machine room ventilation, cooling and heating. The first floor is used for housing and education and breeding pigs reside in interrogation, autopsy room and space for animal housing. 1.NP is also part of an experimental science and research with modern equipment including operating room, which serves the development of new technologies and practices for human medicine. The second floor is the laboratory, library, auditorium and facilities for academic and scientific staff. The third floor is a technical nature.

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  • "The advantage of the clinic is especially the research part and high-tech equipment, which is now equipped. This will allow more faculty to broaden and deepen the existing cooperation on research projects in veterinary and human medicine and to develop joint research activities with the Academy of Sciences and other institutions, "* said Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, prof. DVM. Alois Necas Ph.D., MBA.

New Department of pig diseases have been paid from state grants the Ministry of Education. The general designer of the company is building Project, Ltd., the contractor company IMOS Brno, as the separate supply of technology and equipment contributed the initial four more. Transmission and receipt of the building, including its acceptance took place 7th September 2010.

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** For more information contact: **

** Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno ** Lucie Stejskalová, Department for External Relations, spokesperson tel: +420 541 562 010, mobile: +420 724321352, E-mail:

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