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Poll of teachers: what do you think of the new graduation? Added:14.10. 2010
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Poll of teachers: what do you think of the new graduation?

A new secondary school in these days begins his trial, but in June it has nearly 1,300 secondary school leaving examination ending, and especially the 107,000 graduates that feel real. My opinion on it, however, have not only the students themselves, but also teachers, for which it was introduced to the many things change …

We asked the teachers to the addressed three questions:

  • ** Agree with the introduction of new GCSE? Why yes / no? **

** Ing. Rancová thesis, Gymnasium and Secondary School Rokycany (and formerly a teacher of chemistry and physics teacher since 1984, Director since 2000): ** I'm sure I agree, if everything has caught up to the end of a sensible and timely, I think it would save the state matuirty work medium and high schools as well as supervisory authorities. Would set the level at which the school has yet to take the title with GCE, and would return to the title of some vocational schools. Maybe the school again and declined, which is more desirable than …

** Mgr. Ondrej Holpuch, Secondary Technical School of Engineering Olomouc (math teacher, a teacher since 2004): ** I support the idea of ​​standardized graduation, but in somewhat different form than it is implemented. It bothers me a vague grasp the level of school-leaving examination, which is not specified what type of school should be this or that test match level. You can not expect college students to have such knowledge and readiness such as a grammar school student in mathematics. And while you meet with representatives of the expression of some technical colleges, applicants who „recommend“ a higher level of completed trials. They, however, his richly compensate for any lack of expertise. Why should they be disadvantaged? On the other hand, I understand that there are some efforts to promote higher education to better highlight the differences in the quality of higher education. While standardizing the conditions for granting university degrees in this country seems to be, to build awareness of the elite and less elite universities is essential.

** Mgr. Renee Havens, Secondary Technical School of Engineering, Olomouc (Czech teacher of language and literature, history and techniques of administration and business correspondence, teacher since 1990): ** I agree, the state gives money to education, should be able to get feedback and check the level of education . Guaranteed by the state test in the majority of EU countries – except we are today because we have such a test. State graduation exam at least ensure a certain level of knowledge of graduates and reduce the risk of complete degradation. Another question is whether the current form of government secondary school did not undergo any changes!

  • ** How do you position this year's graduates? As they themselves accept this change? **

** Ing. Rancová thesis: ** Our graduates are entering the school prepared for this option. We are a pilot school for the creation of educational programs (SEP), the state level, and change in the profile we are looking forward for several years. Last year we graduated as a pilot at least a little differently than usual. We have implemented a test and listen to a foreign language, most of the trials was written. This year, to officially add defense seminar work.

** Mgr. Ondrej Holpuch: ** I feel a concern about student success at the GCE, but also the entrance exams to universities. Students (like me) are also sensitive to small discrepancies between the catalogs and content of the graduation requirements graduation tests yet published.

** Mgr. Renee Havens: ** As with any change and a new form of school-leaving exam brings both the teachers and students from the fear of something new. The continuing delays meant that the pupils are still prepared the old form of maturity, for instance, in the Czech language was very different from what we want them now. Students 4th Volumes in this sense at a disadvantage by those who are now in 1st year and for four years will already be trained in the spirit of new forms of tests.

  • ** You are preparing yourself, or your students now have some concrete for a new high school diploma, or you are in your curriculum to continue as before? **

** Ing. Rancová thesis: ** We have created your own SEP, last year we graduated our first graduates according to their own curriculum, he graduated to writing in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects. Students have three courses graduation, graduation preparation, called Z. .. They specialize in fields from which the maturing. Tests appreciated because it is the same waiting for the entrance examination and were amazed with the style or content. Rehearsal, of course, try it. Items that will span the state secondary school, are no longer in the school menu. Preparing pupils for tests and teaching to listen to foreign language. Worse, we are succeeding in secondary school, which is still lower levels.

** Mgr. Ondrej Holpuch: ** If we should follow only the requirements of school-leaving examinations, we could in some curricula to remove selected parts of the curriculum. This about a wider range of curriculum, which will benefit not only students at graduation. The concept of leaving the best job I have a feeling – often not a typical task for which our students are trained. Given the time limit and consider the written exam tests basic level as relatively heavy. Will personally lead the school beyond the ring of classical training graduation, which will prepare graduates for the new concept of the standard.

** Mgr. Renee Havens: ** will definitely look different preparation from previous years. Students are continuously informed about the changes and monitor information on the portal – that only those who are interested. Greater emphasis will be placed on preparing students to testovému validation of knowledge and how to work with text.

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